Ward off insects from your garden with these 5 low-maintenance plants

If you live somewhere with a lot of insects, it is best to prepare yourself for summer. An intelligent way to ward them off is to buy specific plants.


If you live somewhere with a lot of mosquitoes, it is best to prepare yourself for the summer. An intelligent way to keep them far away from you and your house is to buy specific plants that will help you accomplish this. But, what kind of plants repel insects? Here are the five best plants to help you say goodbye to mosquitoes this year.

1. Citronella

Instead of using citronella oil as a natural insect repellent for mosquitoes, why not plant this herb in your garden? This way, you will get a beautiful plant in your garden that will keep these annoying insects at bay.

You can plant it in several planters or flower pots. Place planters around your garden and move them as needed.

2. Marigold

In addition to repelling mosquitoes, the beautiful Marigold flowers are perfect for repelling insects in and around your vegetable garden. Plant them in flower pots and place yourself around your garden or terrace to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your house.

Also, remember to save some black seeds for next season, once the flowers have dried out. Keep them in a container or bowl until next year.

3. Mint

Mint is a plant with a refreshing scent that mosquitoes seem to hate. We don’t know why, but all that matters is that it effectively repels these annoying insects. You can plant it in pots and keep it in your house, or outside near your garden.

Mint grows quite quickly. Another way to use this plant to keep mosquitoes away from you is to rub a few leaves on your skin.

4. Rosemary

Last but not least is a plant usually used as a spice; rosemary. This plant has a unique scent that mosquitoes prefer to stay away from. You can keep it in full sun and in a well-drained ground because it prefers the Mediterranean climate.

Moreover, your rosemary can even survive the whole winter period if you live in a warm climate. But, if the winters in your area fall below 30 F, transfer it to pots and keep them inside. You may want to cut your rosemary frequently, as it can grow quite quickly.

5. Lavender

Lavender is known to have a strong smell. Although humans love to smell it, mosquitoes prefer to avoid it. By putting some on your balcony or in your house, you will make these small unpleasant mosquitoes fly far away from you.

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