15 volumizing hairstyles and cuts to try if you have thin hair

Women who are stuck with thin hair dream of having a little bit more volume. Luckily, there are some hairstyles that can help them look thicker.


Do you dry your hair with your head down every morning but you still don’t see any results? They are as flat as a pancake even before you sit down for breakfast. Don’t get discouraged. These 15 hairstyle ideas will help give a little bit more life and volume to your thin hair.

1. Volume in the length


Get inspired by Alexa Chung and her innate sense of style. Curl your hair with a small amount of styling product made especially for curls so they stay wavy all day.

2. Ultra-sculpted


If you have a shorter hairdo, fake some volume like Ruby Rose does. With some pomade, style your short do on the opposite side of where they grow.

3. deep side part


The previous method is also possible and effective with longer hair. However, don’t use pomade since it will weigh down your hair and you will lose the volume effect you wanted to recreate.

4. Flipped outwards


When you style them towards the exterior so you get them out of the face, you create an illusion of volume. Use this method when your hair is straight or when you curl them.

5. High and messy ponytail


A messy and high ponytail is the best way to fake volume. Quick and ideal for busy days, you don’t need to spend hours in the bathroom to add volume to your hairstyle.

6. Asymmetrical French braid


Create volume around your face with this super pretty and refined look. The braid will lift your hair and will give more dimension to your look.

7. Combed-back pixie


If you have a short hairdo, use a little bit of pomade or hairspray to comb back your bangs towards the back.

8. Messy braid


First, braid your hair, then gently pull on a few strands in order to make them less tight. This tip will create a voluminous effect as well as give you a nice and messy look.

9. Subtle puff


Don’t go revisit the 1960s but you can try a subtle puff when you pull up your hair. This will even create an elegant effect to your hairstyle.

10. Half-bun


A half-bun helps to add height to your hairstyle all while keeping some length. This means you can keep the volume effect of a pulled back hairstyle but also keep the illusion of loose hair.

11. Wrap your ponytail with hair


Wrap your ponytail with an elastic and then with a strand of your hair to create an illusion of thicker hair. Use a small pin (the colour of your hair) under your ponytail to keep everything in place.

12. Sparkly headband


Some accessories can help you get a more voluminous look. This is the case for headbands (especially if they are colourful or sparkly). People will look at the headband instead of your hair and will also give the illusion that your hair is thicker.

13. Long bangs


If you make your bangs start further, like at the top of your head, your bangs will help create an illusion of thicker hair.

14. Crown braid


Like for the asymmetrical braid, the crown braid creates an effect of volume around the face. Adopt it for a more bohemian look.

15. Old-fashioned style


This ultra elegant hairstyle is ideal for a special night. It needs a little bit more time and effort to create it but the results will be all worth it.

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  • Good Housekeeping