Everything you should know to ward off insects from your home

Are you tired of insects and how annoying they are? Here are some anti-insect tips to keep your house and backyard bug-free.


Although summer means fresh air and barbecues with friends in the backyard, these outdoor activities also mean much more exposure to insects. Few people like to share their dinner or read on their patio with wasps or mosquitoes flying around, so we’ve found ways to get rid of them. If you want to keep your home and backyard insect free, follow these professional tips.


Domestic flies especially prosper during the warmer months, like the summer. Outside, they lay eggs in garbages, on the ground, on the grass, in still water, on animal droppings and rotten food. To prevent them from invading your house, get rid of any garbage in your backyard, don’t leave doors half-open, put lids on all your food and close your garbage bags.