Here are some brilliant photo concept ideas to create for Father’s Day

Are you running out of original and simple ideas for Father's Day? We have compiled a list of 10 photo concept ideas you can easily make yourself.


A father is for life and we only have one. Unfortunately, when we are kids, we don’t always know how to thank him for his presence as well as his love. Thankfully, we can always make him a DIY gift. It is certain that he will love it, probably as much as a gift you can buy in a store. Here are 10 very simple photo concept ideas to create for Father’s Day. All you will need are a few pictures, a pretty frame, a printer and that’s it!

1. With letter-shaped posters


Why not do a photo concept with some letters? You can, for example, take a photo of yourself with letters that create words like “dad” or “I love you”.

2. In the shape of a leaflet


Here is a concept that is pretty, easy to create and practical! All you have to do is fold a cardboard in many parts and to glue some pictures of yourself or of you and your father.

3. With your hands or feet

This photo concept is quite original and pretty simple to create. All you have to do is write a nice message to your father on your feet and hands (for example, “I love you dad”) and to as someone to take a photo of you. That’s it!

4. With words or posters

Here is another really simple idea! You can take a photo of a poster on which you’ve written a message addressed to your father.

5. With clothes


You can also borrow your father’s clothes and take a picture of yourself in them. He will think this is a cute and funny concept, that’s for sure!

6. Create a collage


You can also create a collage with one of your photos. All you need to do is cut out your outline from the photo and to glue it on a background, for example, a landscape or a background with words like in the image above.

7. Draw in the street and then take a photo of yourself


You can create a pretty drawing for your dad in the street or sidewalk in front of your house and take a picture of it. Why not take a picture with your work of art? He will like it even more!

8. Tell your dad you love him


This is an adorable way to wish your dad a happy Father’s Day. He is the person who is always there for you!

9. Create a photo collage


Another interesting concept to explore is to create a photo collage with posters on which you say why your dad is important for you. Not only will he be happy to see your pretty face but he will also be touched to learn all the reasons why you love him.

10. Here is another collage idea to make


This collage asks for a little bit more technical abilities but with some help from a computer software (many are available online for free), you can get a pretty great result!


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