These lovers asked the internet to modify their engagement photo so the random man behind them would disappear. They soon regretted asking.

These lovers noticed a random man behind them on their engagement photo and asked web users to remove him from their picture.


You’d think that nowadays, people don’t ask the whole Internet population to help them edit photos using Photoshop, and yet they still do. This time, a couple asked the Internet to erase a bare-chested man who appears behind them in their engagement photo. But Internet users did exactly what is expected of them when they receive such a request: they had fun at the couple’s expense and the results are absolutely hilarious!

1. Cute mascots!

2. Oh! Hi Mr. Bean!

3. A lot of half-naked men!

4. Awkward…

5. Sketchy

6. Teleportation exists thanks to Photoshop!

7. The Wolf in Wall Street in person!

8. Here’s a dog who thinks he’s Miley Cyrus

9. A plant, that’s nice!

10. Be careful behind you, there’s Kim Jong-Un!

11. The bare-chested man is having a good time!

12. Gorgeous work of art, no?

13. A bare-chested Trump in public!

14. A little bit of salt with that?

15. Vincent Vega, from Pulp Fiction, surprises the happy couple!

16. Magnificient!

17. Melania and Ivanka? They must be looking for half-naked Trump!

18. This bathing suit!

19. Very strange! Can you spot the bare-chested man?

20. This is the best way to hide someone with Photoshop

21. Should we tell them to watch their backs?

22. Oh boy…

23. This is very funny!

24. Oops, this woman’s future husband has changed a bit!

25. Oh. My. God!

26. Dinosaur fan?

27. No comment

28. This photoshop is quite a success!

29. A little masking error?

30. This congratulations meme is perfect!

31. I think this web user didn’t understand the request…

32. Anyone remember seeing this couple in the Star Wars movies?

33. I love cats!

34. Excellent!

35. This couple is in good company!

36. Hmm…They might have a few problems!

37. Could the future husband be a minion?

38. The half-naked man is still there!

39. The half-naked man is now openly-gay!

40. Hi Fred Flintstone!

41. Trump is back!

42. How romantic!

43. True Saturday Night Live stars!

44. Oops!


46. Kathy Griffin is always there to save the day.

47. Here’s a way to fix this

48. I would have preferred never to have seen this!

49. Great touch-up!

50. A child did this.

51. Not bad…

Source: Bored Panda