Discover how to make homemade ice cream in only 10 minutes!

Learn to make homemade ice cream with a super easy recipe that only takes 10 minutes to complete. You only need a few ingredients to create it!


One of the greatest pleasures of the summer season is obviously eating ice cream. Certainly, this refreshing dessert can be quite expensive, especially if you buy it in an ice cream shop. Fortunately, it is possible to make ice cream in the comfort of your own home just with few ingredients. Here is a very simple homemade ice cream recipe to make. You can make it in about 10 minutes without an ice cream maker or a freezer.

1Here are the ingredients you need to create this recipe

– 2 freezer bags (a big and small one)
– 300 ml milk
– 200 ml whole fresh cream
– 100 g icing sugar
– 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
– 100 g sea salt
– Ice cubes