Here are 8 clever ideas to refresh your home this summer

Summer is for many a season when the heat is more than overwhelming. Here are 8 simple and practical tips to refresh your home naturally.


Summer is probably most people’s favourite season and with good reason! This season offers its fair share of fun with outdoor activities, summer holidays, etc. However, summer also causes discomfort when temperatures are too hot. Indeed, falling asleep in sticky sheets is never pleasant. You can, of course, install a fan and an air conditioner in your room, but sometimes this is not enough. Here are some clever ideas to cool off in the summer. 

1. Close your windows during the day

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By closing your windows, the sun will not hit your windows, which will avoid heating your rooms more.

2. Open your windows during the night

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During the night, temperatures drop, so it’s the perfect time to reopen your windows. Create drafts so you have fresh air in your home.

3. Don’t forget to unplug your devices

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Electronic devices produce heat when in operation. Remember to unplug your TV and computer when you are finished using them.

4. Add plants inside your home

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Green plants are a natural way to refresh your home. In addition, they can be used as decoration.

5. Opt for insulating curtains

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It is the same principle as blackout curtains: these curtains insulate heat instead of light. Great, isn’t it?

6. Install a damp sheet

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Here’s a very simple trick: install a damp sheet high up to cool your home in no time!

7. Choose the right sheets

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If you want to survive hot nights, buy sheets and blankets with breathable material. You can, for example, opt for light cotton or linen.

8. Rest on the ground

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The heat is concentrated in height. So why not rest on the floor and sit on several comfortable cushions?


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