Tell me what your astrological sign is and I’ll tell you what ice cream to eat

The summer months are back! Here is the ice cream you should eat according to your zodiac sign. Are you ready to treat yourself?


Summer means it is time to have some ice cream. It’s written in the stars: you’re destined to love these sweets!

1. Aries – Green tea ice cream

Known for acting and being a natural leader, you’re not afraid to try new things!

While others are afraid to try unique flavours, an Aries appreciates originality and always gives novelty a chance, which is why green tea ice cream is perfect for you.

2. Taurus – Chocolate sundae

As a Taurus, your tastes are luxurious and decadent.

A sundae is perfect for you: you can enjoy fudge, whipped cream and cherries while staying in with a “classic” choices (you are not like Leos…)

3. Gemini – Fudge, peanut butter and chocolate ice cream

The Gemini needs something with more than one flavour; after all, this sign has a double personality!

When you choose chocolate ice cream, you also hesitate for peanut butter, so why not choose a mix of both?

4. Cancer – Soft-served ice cream dipped in chocolate

As a Cancer, you have a reputation for being a bit difficult on the outside, but once people know you, they know how sweet you are on the inside. For this reason, an ice cream dipped in chocolate is perfect for you.

5. Leo – Banana split

As a Lion, you always have fun and you want everyone to know it. You think living is reason enough to feast so ordering a banana split is perfect for you!

6. Virgo – Frozen yogurt

You like to take care of yourself and don’t want to go beyond your good eating habits. You are a true purist: you want high-quality natural ingredients. Frozen yogurt is perfect for you because it provides the same sweet flavours as ice cream, but with fewer calories and less fat.

7. Libra – Cookie dough ice cream

Relationships and harmony are important to you. You enjoy balance and are happier when everyone gets along. The chocolate cookie dough fits perfectly with the vanilla according to you. You love it, especially after a long day of work with several friends.

8. Scorpio – Dark chocolate ice cream

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but you’re known to be a dark and mysterious astrological sign. There’s a lot of depth in you; it’s hard for people to know what’s going on in your head. Try a scoop of dark chocolate… you’ll love it.

9. Sagittarius – Coffee ice cream

We know you love to travel and are looking for an adventure to live. Coffee ice cream is perfect for you because you can enjoy the same classic flavour all over the world, and it gives you the energy to enjoy your day.

10. Capricorn – Soft-served ice cream served with sprinkles

Serious Eats

As a Capricorn, you are a traditionalist (no matter how hard you try to deny it).

You appreciate quality, consistency and tradition. A scoop of vanilla covered with rainbow sprinkles is recommended for you because you can find it anywhere and it will probably be the same, always extremely tasty. It’s hard to spoil a classic, isn’t it?

11. Aquarius – Cherry sherbet

You are a humanitarian and you are always looking for new things that will contribute to your higher well-being. We think this cherry ice cream would be perfect for you because it’s delicious and lactose-free.

Pisces – Rainbow sherbet

You’re always trying to find a way out of the simple and ordinary. You’re creative, artistic and a little carefree by nature. Here is a dessert with many expressions and a whirlwind of flavours!


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