15 brilliant ways to use Epsom salt in your house and your garden

We use Epsom salt to relax in the bath. This product is also very practical in the home and garden. See how you can use it in your daily life!


Many people use Epsom salt to relax in the bath. Did you know that this product can be used daily in your home as well as in your garden? Indeed, Epsom salt has an active ingredient, magnesium sulphate, which can be used both in cooking and in vegetable gardens. Discover how to enjoy the benefits of this product in your home right now with these 15 ingenious tips and tricks! 

1. Soften your towels

Know that you can use Epsom salt to soften your towels. To do this, all you need to do is put 1 cup of Epsom salt in a container filled with water (and large enough to hold a few towels at the same time) and let your towels soak all night. The next morning, wring them and put them in the dryer until they are completely dry.

2. Clean your bathroom tiles

Are your bathroom tiles dirty? Scrub them clean with a mixture of one part of the salt, one part liquid dish soap and water.

3. Say goodbye to excess detergent in your washing machine 

With time, washing machines can get an accumulation of soap scum residues that can affect the cleanliness of your clothes. Here is a tip to clean your washing machine:

  • Fill your washing machine with hot water;
  • Pour a litre of white vinegar and a cup of the salt;
  • Let the washing machine work for one minute, stop the cycle and then allow one hour for the product to work.

4. Clean your pots and pans


If you have trouble cleaning your pots or pans, Epsom salt can be very helpful. Indeed, this product can allow you to clean your kitchen accessories without damaging them. You can also use Epsom salt to wash your coffee carafe and the bottom of your wine carafe.

5. Say goodbye to smelly feet

Crédit: Astuces de grand-mère

Having smelly feet can happen to almost anyone, especially after an intense workout. Thankfully, you can get rid of the stink by placing your feet in a basin filled with water and the salt for 15-20 minutes.

6. Fix your car battery


Is your car battery a few years old and not running as well as before? If you need to repair it, pour this mixture on it:

  • ⅓ cup dissolved Epsom salt;
  • A little hot water.

7. Help your plants grow

You can help your plants grow and keep them healthy by mixing 5 g of Epsom salt in a litre of water. In fact, this product is great because it acts as a natural fertilizer.

8. Get beautiful roses


Do you have a nice rosebush in your backyard? To keep your rosebush healthy, put a tablespoon of Epsom salt in your watering can each week. Magnesium sulphate will nourish the roots of your flowers, keeping them healthy.

9. Get rid of slugs


All you need to do is sprinkle some of the salt in the areas where they tend to hang out every morning in order to get rid of slugs in your backyard.

10. Use Epsom salt to ward off insects


Is your garden invaded by insects? You can keep them away by putting Epsom salt and water in a spray bottle and spraying this mixture on your lawn, shrubs and garden.

11. Give a boost to your indoor plants


Plants tend to curve when they don’t have enough magnesium. To fix this problem, simply add a small amount of the salt to your watering can before you water your plants.

12. Prepare your soil for the spring

It is important to prepare your soil for spring before planting annuals and perennials. To do this, you can put some bags of Epsom salt in your soil. This product will allow you to have beautiful green and healthy plants.

13. Get much juicier and tasty fruits and veggies


By adding Epsom salt to the soil in your vegetable garden, you will have much tastier fruits and vegetables. Not only does this product give your fruits and vegetables more flavour, it also helps them grow. Great, isn’t it?

14. Get rid of pesky rodents


If you’ve noticed raccoons rummaging through your garbage and leaving a big mess, spray a mix of Epsom salt and water close to your outdoor garbage cans and patio furniture to keep them at bay.

15. Epsom salt: a great alternative to fertilizer


Since Epsom salt contains magnesium, you can use it as a natural fertilizer.