Your baby powder could change your everyday tasks at home

Even if you don't have a baby at home, you should always have baby powder nearby available to you. Here is why!


If you’ve had kids, you probably have a container of baby powder in your cupboards somewhere. However, you don’t need a baby to go out and buy some of this magical powder. In fact, this very simple product can be used in many different ways around your house. Here is proof!

10. Dry shampoo

A mix of 1/4 cup of baby powder and 1/4 cup baking soda can help camouflage oily hair. Massage this DIY dry shampoo in your hair and leave it in your hair for a few minutes before brushing out your hair to remove the excess powder.

9. Deodorant

Replace your normal deodorant with baby powder. POPSUGAR says that the powder absorbs sweat and prevents you from having smelly armpits. This product is also useful to eliminate any unwanted odours coming from your shoes. Fill your shoes with baby powder and leave the product inside all night. Empty them in the morning and that’s it!

8. Repel mosquitoes

It is suggested to put baby powder around windows and doors to create a barrier so ants don’t come into your home.

7. Remove stick sand from your body

If you’re at the beach and you’re full of sand, you can simply put some baby powder on yourself before going home, the sand will fall right off.

6. Keep your sheets fresh

Sprinkle your sheets with baby powder to keep them fresh during the night. This tip also helps your sheets absorb sweat more easily so you don’t wake up all wet in the morning.

5. For playing cards

Sometimes, playing cards become sticky and unpleasant to the touch. Put them in a plastic bag and add some baby powder. Shake. You’ll be surprised to see that your cards are now smooth.

4. Rubber glove lubricant

If you want to wear rubber gloves, sprinkle some baby powder on your hands beforehand so the gloves won’t stick to your hands when you’re putting them on.

3. For your flowers

Gardeners should know this trick. Sprinkle baby powder on the bulbs and roots of your flowers before planting them. This will ensure your flowers don’t rot. It is also a great natural pesticide.

2. Remove grease stains

Bright Side

One of the best ways to eliminate grease stains is to put baby powder on the stain and then pat the stain with a cotton ball. Continue to pat until the stain disappears.

1. Before waxing

To prevent from feeling pain during your waxing, sprinkle the zone you will wax with this product. This trick will create a protective layer that will minimize pain and irritation.


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