10 gardening tips that are more effective than the conventional methods

These beginner's gardening tips will ensure that your garden will turn heads this summer even if you don't have a green thumb.


Enjoy a lush and healthy garden even if working on your hands and knees is not your strength. These 10 gardening tips that are not found in gardening books will make your life easier and give you results that will make your neighbours jealous.

1. Eggshells

Rich in calcium, eggshells make an excellent fertilizer. Reduce your waste production and reduce the costs associated with your garden by keeping your egg shells. Then simply break them up into pieces and spread them in your garden. You can also use the shells to promote the growth of seeds and small shoots.

2. Plant your pots

To save time and make it easier to plant and maintain perennial species, place your pots directly in the soil. All you have to do is insert your plants in the spring and remove them once the season is over.

3. Coffee filters

Avoid your plants drying out too quickly and reduce the frequency with which you have to water them by keeping moisture in your flower pots. Simply slide coffee filters into your containers before filling them with soil. The absorbent material will soak up water and keep your flowers well hydrated for longer.

4. Salt for weeds

Battling garden weeds? Go to your spice cabinet. Sprinkle a good amount of salt to the latter so that they disappear without damaging your plants.

5. Coffee grounds

Do not throw away your coffee grounds after your morning espresso. The residue is known to be an excellent fertilizer. Instead of sending it to the garbage or compost, spread it in your garden for healthy plants in a natural way.

6. Seed envelope storage

It is not always easy to keep your seed packets in order. To avoid loss, waste and to make it easier to find your way around, store your seed envelopes in a photo album.

7. Regenerative plants

Speaking of seeds, some plants, such as green onions, do not require seeds or they only need some once. Simply use the end part of the ones you already have and soak them in water. They will start growing again.

8. Wine bottle

Reuse your wine bottles by transforming them into an easy, efficient, pretty and effortless way to water your plants. After rinsing your bottle, fill it with water and plant it, neck down, in your flower pot.

9. Vinegar to kill weeds

Salt is not the only weapon against weeds that hide in your kitchen. Vinegar is a great way to get rid of these unwanted culprits. Apply the liquid to the area to be treated and let it do its job. You can also add salt to it to ensure maximum success.

10. Vegetable cooking water

Are you planning on boiling vegetables? Do not discard the water in the sink. Just like egg shells and coffee grounds, this can be used to feed your plants. Wait until the water cools down first and water your plants with it.

Source: Healthy Panda, Fallbrook247