Here Is Where The World’s First Surviving Septuplets Are Now

They caught the world's attention being the first even surviving septuplets. Now aged 20, here is what the four brothers and three sisters have become.


Having twins, triplets and even quadruplets is an incredible and very rare event. Such news can bring joy and excitement, but also its share of uncertainty and stress. So imagine when you learn that you are expecting seven children? It seems impossible, yet it happened to Kenny et Bobbi McCaughey. They were hoping to bring a second child to the world and had the surprise of their life in the doctor’s office! Here is the incredible story of the very first surviving septuplets, the McCaughey.

38Big Surprise

Kenny and Bobbi McCaughey, a young couple from Iowa, were hoping to grow their family and have a second child. During a routine doctor’s appointment following fertility treatment, the physicians found something extraordinary in Bobby’s belly.

The echography did not only show one embryon, but SEVEN! Twins are common in cases of fertility treatments, but septuplets are extremely rare. The couple was confronted with a very difficult decision to make concerning Bobbi and the children’s lives.