15 Foods To Help You Achieve Your Weight Goals

Diets are often unhealthy and depressing. It is better to achieve your weight goals by eating good food. Here are 15 suggestions.


Let’s be realistic. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires more than just a walk in the park once in a while. Between the time you spend in the gym during your busy work week and the fight against junk food, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle all the time. And when you finally commit to these healthy lifestyle habits, it can be easy to indulge in this delicious piece of chocolate cake. According to a study in the United Kingdom, 129 women had cravings for smoking – some on a weight-loss diet and others simply monitoring their weight without dieting – and found that, compared to others, people on a diet were more likely to want to eat junk food and sugar. Consequently, diets can sabotage your weight loss goals. So instead of focusing on eliminating everything “bad”, why not focus on adding healthier options to your life? Here are some delicious (and nutritious) foods to add to your diet today!



Rebecca Lewis, a dietitian at HelloFresh, mentioned nuts as one of her favourite foods: “Nuts contain powerful antioxidants that cleanse the damage in our bodies, phytochemicals that reduce cholesterol and high levels of anti-inflammatory drugs like omega-3 fatty acids. She also noted that studies have shown that nuts can help control your weight by helping to prevent the feeling of hunger that usually leads to snacking and overeating.

Bouvier is also a nut lover, especially of almonds. “Almonds are an easy and portable snack that can be eaten every day and anywhere,” she says. “They contain a lot of monounsaturated fat, which helps to increase high-density lipoproteins, also known as good cholesterol, and reduces bad cholesterol. Each serving also contains six grams of vegetable protein.”