Melania’s IQ VS Michelle’s IQ Is Pretty Unnerving

If you've always wanted to know what Barack Obama's or Emma Watson's intellectual quotient was, read this article!


We are often interested in the talent of celebrities and their beauty, but it must be said that they are generally not credited for their intelligence. So we thought it would be relevant to take a closer look at the IQ of your favorite stars. Although IQ is not easy to measure, anyone who normally has a score above 110 is considered to have above-average intelligence. So here is the IQ of some of your favorite stars!

1James Franco – 130

Kathy Hutchins/

To succeed in Hollywood, you don’t need a university degree, which means it’s very unlikely that you’ll see Justin Bieber or Harry Styles in your conference on postcolonial history. But James Franco is not a regular celebrity. Far from it.

In fact, the Pineapple Express star holds a Master’s degree in English literature from UCLA and has also taken various creative writing courses. Teaching is another of Franco’s strong points, and when he’s not studying on set, he gives courses at several American universities.

UCLA even celebrated its academic titles on a poster of members of famous former students.