These Inventions Are So Clever, You Won’t Believe They Actually Exist!

Take a look at these 15 clever inventions most people didn't even know existed! An umbrella that turns into a bag? Brilliant!


The internet is filled with websites that sell all sorts of things. Some things are really useful while others aren’t and they end up piling up in a drawer never to be used again. The 15 objects below are some of the most intelligent inventions we’ve ever heard of and are really worth the buy!

1. Reusable candle


This candle is called The Rekindle. It is a genius invention where the melted wax collects at the bottom of the tube and creates a new candle for you to burn.

2. Umbrella with a coffee holder


Have you ever had to choose between getting wet from the rain or never getting your daily dose of caffeine? You don’t have to choose between the two anymore thanks to this invention.

3. Cut your onions perfectly


You’ll never cut your fingers while cutting onions again thanks to this invention. It will help keep your onion in place while you make perfect slices.

4. Innovative baby stroller


The Roller Buggy, a modified baby stroller, turns into a fun scooter for the parent transporting the baby. All the other parents will certainly be jealous of your awesome mode of transportation.

5. Interchangeable power plugs


These power bars make it easier to plug your various devices. They rotate, which makes it easier to plug things in hard to reach places.

6. Hourglass traffic-lights

Yanko Design

Even though this traffic light is not yet available, Yanko Design’s light could revolutionize the traffic light industry one day with this great invention.

7. Scissors for pizza

This Is Why Im Broke

It cuts perfect slices of pizza and the spatula attached to the scissors makes it easier to pick up your hot slice in an effortless way.

8. Contact lenses for diabetics

Wall Street Journal

This invention could save the life of a diabetic person. With these lenses, people with diabetes can detect their glucose levels through tears. If the glucose levels are too low or too high, the colour of the lens will change to warn the person.

9. Thermometer for faucet

Gadget Review

If you are worried about the temperature of the bath being too hot for your baby then you might want to invest in a faucet thermometer. It will tell you the exact temperature of the water.

10. L.E.D. slippers

Wizard World Digital

Don’t worry about banging your big toe against your bed anymore in the middle of the night! These L.E.D. slippers will help you see at night when you’re too sleepy to turn on any lights on your way to the bathroom.

11. An umbrella bag

Bored Bug

Tired of holding your umbrella once the rain has stopped? Buy this umbrella that turns into a bag. Genius!

12. Lego key’s holder

Kitchen Hunter

Use Lego bits and pieces to create a practical key holder. You’ll never lose your keys again.

13. Lock for ice cream

This Is Why Im Broke

Is your roommate or significant other always finishing your ice cream? Put an end to this once and for all with this great object: an ice cream lid lock! Only you will have the combination.

14. Inflatable mattress for car

If you’re going on a long road trip and you don’t have a place to sleep every time you stop somewhere, this is a great thing to have. You’ll always be comfortable while sleeping in your car.

15. A bottle opener ring

Fuzzy Brew

Are you a college student? This ring might make you the most popular kid in school if you bring it to parties! You’ll be opening everyone’s beers with a simple flick of your finger.