The 25 Most Beautiful Long Forgotten Baby Girl Names


Naming your child is always a big decision. It seems like whenever you like a name, it is either too common, your partner doesn’t like it or knows someone they don’t like who answers to it. This arduous task could be made a lot simpler by looking into rare old names that are still beautiful. Get inspired by these beautiful long forgotten names perfect for little girls and pick one before they become too popular again.

21. Georgia

Have an important male person in your life named George? Or maybe you are a fan of Ray Charles and his song Georgia On My Mind?

20. Pamela

The name Pamela derives from the greek which means “all honey”. It is therefore a great choice of name for a sweet little girl.

19. Louisa

Fans of the movie Me Before You might already be tempted to go with that lovely name which is already making a comeback.

18. Bonnie

Bonnie and Clyde, Bonnie Parker, Bonnie Tyler… No wonder this charming name is becoming popular again.

17. Anita

A little baby girl named Anita will bring back memories for old fans of the Australian TV series Heartbreak High.

16. Joyce

Music lovers might want to name their daughter in honour of singer-songwriter-composer Joyce Jonathan, or talented authors James and Rachel Joyce.

15. Gloria

Gloria was once a very popular name. It certainly holds a holy connotation, but now holds a powerful meaning for any fans of Gloria Gaynor’s song I will survive.

14. Leona

Your partner is a fan of the video game League of Legends? Well, you have the perfect argument to turn them on to this unique name.

13. Roseanne

Roseanne is an extremely feminine name. It sounds French which gives it an elegant touch and a great choice for lovers of the city of lights.

12. Dorothy

The adorable name Dorothy has certainly been popularized by the classic that is The Wizard of Oz. Luckily for us, the name has been somehow forgotten, which makes it a perfect choice for your daughter.

11. Betty

For all the Betty and Veronica nostalgics or all-time fans of Betty White, the latter is cute and feminine choice of name.

10. Odessa

Odessa is also the name of a large harbour city of Ukraine, which makes it quite the exotic choice of name for a young girl.

9. Daisy

Daisy is the pet form of the name Margaret. It is a short and feminine name, reminiscent of the South, fit for a girl beautiful like a flower.

8. Polly

Fans of the band Nirvana might see fit the call their daughter Polly. It would sure be a nice reference to the band in question.

7. Delphine

This beautiful French name certainly sounds very refined. It actually comes from the Greek “delfis” which means “dolphin”.

6. Constance

Constance is a perfect name for people who love the French language. Elegant, refined and easy to pronounce, it has that little Parisian je-ne-sais-quoi without being difficult to read or write.

5. Tabitha

Beautiful name with a subtle religious connotation -Tabitha was the young lady Peter resuscitated from the dead- it is a great choice for Christians and non-Christians alike.

4. Kitty

Whether you live in the South or not, this sweet, short little name has its charm. It is certainly fit for a girl with personality.

3. Hazel

This graceful name is perfect for a family close to nature. It’s also the name Julia Roberts picked for her daughter!

2. Etta

Etta James is a great singing legend from the 60s. Sharing her name is certainly a great honour.

1. Opal

Opal refers to a stunning multicoloured and valuable gemstone. Not a bad connotation for the most important person in your life.

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