Here’s Why You Should Always Have Garlic In Your House!

You know that garlic is good for your health. Put some in your dishes, but especially in your ears, mouth and under your pillow.


Garlic has been used for cooking and medical purposes for thousands of years. It is one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It contains many healthy nutrients and offers many health benefits. It helps fight cancer, improve libido, reduce cholesterol, control asthma, eliminate acne, fight colds and infections and even stop diarrhea.

Here are some ways to use it optimally for your health.

1. In your mouth

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The best way to consume garlic is raw. In the past, the Chinese used to take a clove of garlic every morning and suck it like a candy for 30 minutes! This helps to strengthen the body’s immunity.

2. In your ears

Garlic can quickly and effectively relieve pain in the ear. Before going to bed, peel a clove of garlic, clean it and put it in your ear all night long.

The next morning, the vapours that emerged will have reduced the inflammation and pain.

3. Under your pillow

Astuces et trucs

This old tradition of garlic under the pillow has been improving the quality and depth of sleep for generations. The natural compounds found in garlic, combined with its aroma, have a soothing effect that helps to improve the quality of your sleep.

4. In hot water

Add minced garlic to hot water for about 5 minutes to relieve your sore throat when you have a cold. Remove the garlic and drink this garlic tea, a natural cough syrup, to feel better in mere minutes.

5. On your face

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If you tend to get acne, you can always put some garlic on your blemishes to get rid of them fast. If you do this regularly, you will notice that the garlic will clear up your whole complexion.

6. On your feet


Garlic can help cure athlete’s foot. The garlic will eliminate the fungus caused by this annoying skin infecanstion on your feet. Add warm water and garlic cloves to a foot bath and soak your feet in it for about half an hour.

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