Get Inspired By These 20 Stylish Hairstyles

Tired of looking 60 years old (even if you are 64)? Get a more youthful look with these 20 hairstyles that will totally transform your look.


Unfortunately, ageing is something we cannot control. If you’re wondering how to look more trendy, there are many options for you. However, there is one option that does not cost a lot of money and that can do wonders for you. Changing up your hairstyle can make you look more youthful! It only takes a few hours and does not require any needles and fillers. Here are 20 youthful hairstyles to adopt if you want to look more youthful!

1. One-Length Straight Bob

Very low maintenance, you’ll only need to comb it daily to keep it looking nice and sophisticated.

2. Stacked Bob with Ash Layers

When you get a new hairstyle, you have to think of how it will look from every angle. This layered bob with ash layers adds volume to your hairdo!

3. Curly Crop Hair with Volume

The volume at the top brings all the hair together and gives the impression you have more hair than you do. This is a great hairstyle for women with fine hair.

4. Short Side Swept Gold Crop

If you’ve always parted your hair to the side, this is the perfect style to try! It will frame your face and is perfect for straight or fine hair.

5. Layered Short Curls

These layered short curls will add volume at the top of your head, which will create a more youthful look. The more hair you have, the younger you will look.

6. Silver Side Swoop

We love the playful and colourful highlights on the top of this side-swept stacked bob. Going gray doesn’t mean you will lose your youthful look!

7. Straight Stacked Swing

The chocolate brown colour of this hairstyle adds nice depth to the hair and creates natural highlights with the sun!

8. Natural Short Cut and Highlight

Short and textured, this hairstyle is great for women who don’t like to fuss about their hair too much. Dyeing your hair blonde will be easier to hide grays.

9. Smoky Curly Strands of Hairs

If you are a free spirit and enjoy having a unique look, this layered look will add sharpness to your face, which tends to soften once you’ve reached a certain age.

10. Blond Crop with Volume

If you have fine hair, this is a great hairdo for you. Keep the top voluminous in order to keep the sides more polished and sophisticated.

11. Layered Gold Bob

Who doesn’t love a bob? This classic look always looks great and can be styled in various ways depending on your style.

12. Ash Blonde Short Layered style

If you want something a bit longer, this voluminous hairstyle will make you look like you have more hair than you actually do.

13. Shoulder Length Straight Bob

Want to go even longer? You can still look age-appropriate with shoulder length hair in your 60s with this kind of hairstyle.

14. Silver Pixie Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

You can still have white hair without looking too old-fashioned. A pixie cut with asymmetrical bangs is perfect for fine hair.

15. Highlighted Ash Blonde Stacked Bob

Gray hair can look youthful, we promise! The gray and blond highlights paired with the stacked bob creates an easy look that can be rocked at any age.

16. Ear-Length Sassy and Stacked

The different layers of this hairstyle create a voluminous bump at the back, which add dimension to the hair.

17. Blond Short Straight Crop

Business at the back and party in the front? This short crop highlights the face and the short layers hit at the cheekbones to add definition to the face.

18. Stacked Bob with Swoopy Layers

If you had brown hair in your youth, add blond at the top to make your hair colour last longer since the grays will blend in with the blond. Brilliant!

19. Layered Bob with Bangs

If you like to brush your hand through your hair, you will love this look! The short bangs add a youthful look, especially if you put your hair in a ponytail.

20. Sleek Stacked Bob

Finally, this stacked bob with bold bangs is short but voluminous because of the bump at the back.

Source: BuzzAura