6 Trendy Ways to Wear Leggings

You don't have any clean pants in your closet anymore? Here are some trendy ways to wear leggings. You can put it to work as well as when you go out with friends!


Leggings are comfortable, but not necessarily considered elegant. However, these pants come in all shapes and sizes and in all fabrics. It is, therefore, possible to have a trendy look with these pants. The proof: here are 6 trendy ways to wear leggings.

1. Leggings and sneakers

Jaci Marie Smith

Here’s a simple but trendy look: a long-sleeved sweater with Adidas leggings and white sneakers. With these clothes, you’ll be ready for the day!

2. Leather leggings and an oversized sweater

The improved version of this piece of laundry is the leather leggings. Take a pair to instantly enhance your wardrobe and complete it with an oversized sweater. This is a perfect look for the office.

3. Leggings and high boots

Cara Van Brocklin

Knee boots are a great addition to leggings. Wear them with leggings and a nice jacket and you are ready to go for a walk outside, even on a snowy day.

4. Leggings and fur coat

Kendall Jenner

This look is a celebrity favourite as Kendall Jenner showed us. Why don’t you take it over?

5. Leggings and training look

In the beginning, we used leggings to go to practice. However, you can wear sports leggings in everyday life without being afraid of being judged. They are so beautiful and fashionable! However, avoid putting them in a meeting with your boss…

6. Leggings and an oversized blouse

Zoe Lazerson

This is the ultimate fall look. Wear an oversized blouse with beautiful embroidery and beautiful boots to keep everyone’s eyes spinning as you walk by.