20 Simple Cleaning Hacks That Caught Our Attention

Cleaning is part of our daily life. Even though it can be annoying and unpleasant, we can shorten our cleaning chores with the help of some helpful hacks.


There aren’t a lot of people who like cleaning. However, it is an essential chore that everyone has to do every week unless you like living in a messy home. Thankfully, you can save a lot of time when doing household chores thanks to a couple tricks. Here are 20 cleaning hacks that captured our attention and will help you clean your house!

20. Clean your hairbrush

You can stop the accumulation of hair product build-up with a soapy solution made with a couple of drops of dish soap mixed with warm water.

19. Fight your pet’s stench


Deodorize places where your dog tends to sit and lie down (for example the sofa, his bed, etc.) by sprinkling the surfaces with baking soda, leave it on for 15 minutes then vacuum it off.

18. Clean your car without using a vacuum


An anti-lint roll is a practical solution and it is way less cumbersome than a traditional vacuum to clean your car. Also, the anti-lint roll can clean dirt in crannies of your car, which a vacuum can’t necessarily do.

17. Untangle your necklace


Stop losing time trying to untangle your jewellery. Loosen a knot with a bit of baby powder and then use a pin to unknot your necklace.

16. Make your towels softer

If you clean your towels in cold water, the accumulation of minerals could be why your towels are rough. To remove the mineral deposits, wash your towels in hot water and add 1 cup of ammonia.

15. Get rid of mold


If you forgot a wet towel in your sports bag, here is what you need to do. Firstly, put it outside, remove all the mold stains and dry your towel in the sun for at least 3 hours. Then, pre-soak your towel with a mix of bleach and water (check the care label so you don’t ruin the fabric), then wash it in the washing machine.

14. Clean your patio furniture


Pour a small amount of dish washing liquid in a bowl filled with hot water and use this mixture to wipe your outdoor tables and chairs. Rinse them afterward with your garden hose.

13. Say goodbye to grease stains on your clothes


Did you drop some vinegar on your clothes? Scrub a bit of liquid dish soap on your stain and rinse it with water. The soap is mild enough to handle most fabrics – even washable wool and silk.

12. Make your own natural cleaner


You can create your own natural cleaner by mixing vinegar with fresh sage in a spray bottle.

11. Opt for citrus


You can also make yourself a nice citrus smelling cleaner by adding orange zest in vinegar.

10. Degrease your kitchen cupboards and counters


As with your kitchen utensils, your cupboards can become greasy when you prepare meals. Pour a bit of liquid dish soap in a spray bottle with hot water to remove grime from your kitchen counters and cupboards. Then, rinse them with a dry cloth.

9. Make your copper shine with ketchup


Suprisingly, ketchup can help make your copper kitchen accessories shine.

8. Clean your porcelain with vodka


It is easy to make your porcelain shine. All you need to do is moisten a soft and clean cloth with some vodka, then rub it on your porcelain.

7. Here is when to clean your bedding


You only need to clean your pillows and comforters two or three times a year. Here is how to remember when to do it: wash them when there is a change of seasons.

6. Clean your purse

It’s quite astonishing to know that we rarely clean certain things we touch every day. About half of women’s purses contain faecal bacteria so clean them from time to time with a disinfectant wipe.

5. Wait before removing mud from your boots


Dry mud is easier to remove than sticky wet mud so don’t try to clean it when you just got back from outside. Wait until it dries and remove the persistent stains with water and a bit of liquid dish soap.

4. Make your faucets shine


To clean your faucets, scrub them with a bit of toothpaste and a humid sponge.

3. Remove any musty smells


As with your fridge, an open box of baking soda placed close to your sheets and towels can prevent your bedding closet from smelling humid.

2. Cleaning Copper Pots & Pans

The mild citric acid in lemons breaks down surface tarnish and makes your copper pots and pans gleam like new again.

1. Take care of your wood furniture


Do you have scratches or scrapes on your wood furniture? Rub them with a nut, which you’ve removed the shell, to conceal the damages.


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