These Athletes Made a Fortune After Retirement

These successful athletes managed to make more money after retirement than while they were still in the game.


Superstar athletes these days can earn tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. But these kinds of contrats don’t apply to all nor most professional athletes.  While they are still very well paid, most make far less. And since the average career of a professional athlete is 10 years or less, they often have to plan properly in order to take their lifestyle after retirement. Here are eighteen amazing success stories of athletes who have used their fame and name recognition to build careers and empires that earn them far more money after leaving the game than they did when they played.

18Nolan Ryan

Sport: Baseball
Year Retired: 1993
Sources of Fortune: Baseball team ownerships (two minor league teams and partial ownership of Houston Astros); Bank ownership; Product endorsements (Advil)
Est. Net Worth: $60 million