The Most Unusual City And Town Names In Texas

Kermit, Dime Box, Nameless... These Texas towns are sometimes strange, sometimes unusual and sometimes even funny! Discover 20 of them here.


Texas is the second biggest states in the United States so there are many small towns and big metropolis cities that fill this state. Everyone knows the big cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio but did you know Texas had some really weird and strange town names too? Discover them here!

1. Loco

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This town is called Loco not because the people who settled there were crazy but because locoweed grew in this part of Texas. Unfortunately, there are only a few farms and cemeteries left in this town.

2. Kermit


Kermit is named after Kermit Roosevelt (and not Kermit the Frog), Theodore Roosevelt’s father. Over 6,000 people live in Kermit.

3. Cut and Shoot


The name of this town supposedly got its name from a fight that almost happened in 1912 between the townsfolk. A young boy was reported to have said, “I’m scared! I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!”

4. White Settlement

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Over 17,000 people live in White Settlement. The name comes from the white settlers who encroached on the Native Americans’ territory in the 1800s. They called it “the white settlement” and it eventually became the official town name.

5. Jot ‘Em Down


Even though it was reported that only 10 people were living there in 2000, the town of Jot ‘Em Down still stands strong.

6. Ding Dong

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The story behind this town’s name is quite funny: Zelis and Burt Bell, who founded the town and owned a store in town hired a painter to paint their store sign. A prankster told the painter to paint two bells on the sign and write “Ding Dong” under the bells. The town has been called Ding Dong ever since.

7. Notrees


Notrees has this name because it is true, there aren’t many trees in this part of Texas. Simple as that.

8. Blessing

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Jonathan Edwards Pierce bought this land in 1903 and wanted to call it “Thank God” but the U.S. Post Office didn’t allow it (thank God for that!). There are around 800 people who live in this blessed town.

9. Gun Barrel City


The town’s motto is “We Shoot Straight With You”, meaning we are honest and fair with you. That’s where the town’s name comes from.

10. Cool

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The story behind the name of this town is unknown but with a name like that, who cares?

11. DISH


This town used to be called Clark but in 2005, it renamed itself after the DISH Network and in exchange, the residents got a decade of free satellite television for free from this network.

12. Telephone

This small town got its name after the postal offices refused, again and again, the town’s applications for a post office because the names they gave were already being used by other towns. Telephone was not.

13. Ben Wheeler


This town is named after the first mailman from the 1870s. This town is now the Feral Hog Capital of Texas and every year they have a Fall Feral Hog Festival.

14. Bacon

Texas has a lot of towns with food-related names including noodle, oatmeal, turkey, trout, sugar land, salty, rice, pearland, orange, and more! This list almost makes you hungry.

15. Weeping Mary

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The town of Weeping Mary has a sad story. It is said that a black woman Mary wanted to sell her land but when a white man asked to buy it she refused since she didn’t want to sell it to a white man. The man asked a black man to purchase the land for him and when Mary found out the man tricked her into selling him the land, she wept and wept.

16. Turkey

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When the town was founded, the post office was a dugout and the dugout was on a creek. This creek was the home of many wild turkeys and that’s where the town got its name.

17. Dime Box

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Settlers who wanted to send letters had to leave their letter as well as a dime in a box. That’s how the town got its name.

18. Zipperlandville

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Only 22 people lived in Zipperlandville in 2000 but with a name like that, you’d think people would of flocked to this town!

19. Nameless

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The locals decided to call their town Nameless after all their town name submitions were turned down by the post office.

20. Hogeye


Like many other towns, this town had submitted another name to the post office but was turned down since it was already in use. The same is said to have come from a local hog thief or a popular fiddler’s song.

Source: Culture Trip