10 weird and bizarre food trends of 2019

Wonder what bizarre things are making their way onto people's dining tables in 2019? Here are this year's weird food trends. Are you game?


After avocado buns, activated charcoal and rainbow everything, the world is ready for new overpriced culinary weirdness. While some 2018 trends like fake meat have not only survived the year but grown in popularity, most have died and made way for the trends of the hour. Here are 10 weird and bizarre food trends that might or might not make its way into your place this year.

10. Mushroom Coffee

We only have one question, and it is why? Well, this matsutake mushrooms infused coffee is said to be very healthy.

9. Cannabis Cuisine

CBD oil is no longer reserved to muffins and brownies and candy, cannabis is slowly but surely making its way into all kinds of things from sparkling water to fine cuisine.

8. Milkshake IPA

Never heard of it? Just you wait. And no, this is not a milkshake with beer in it, but rather a beer with milkshake in it. Coming from India, these Pale Ales are brewed with lactose which gives it a fuller body.

7. Unusual healthy ice cream

Ice cream is getting weirder and healthier by the minute and we are not complaining. With multiples brands coming out with avocado ice cream, banana ice cream (we are not talking about flavours here, but rather bases), protein ice cream, keto ice cream and low-calorie ice cream, it can now be part of a healthy diet.

6. Crickets

Consumed in a handful of countries, insects might take over the rest of the world. For now, this great source of protein only presents itself grounded into a powder and often processed into protein bars.

5. Orange wine

Yeah, no. There isn’t a new kind of orange grapes. This pretty colour is the result of a process which involves fermenting the wine with the grape skin. It has been around for centuries, but somehow, people are just now catching on to it.

4. Vegan pork rinds

Perhaps taking this whole fake meat thing a little far, a new kind of pork rind has recently been developed and it doesn’t involve pork. We have nothing against it, but did people even eat the real stuff?

3. Automated restaurants

Automated everything, it’s coming. Soon in a restaurant near you.

2. Oat milk

After almond, cashew, soy and coconut, oat is the new thing to pour into your breakfast cereal and add to your morning cup of joe. There is also such a thing as pea milk. Go wonder.

1. Chayote

You might have seen it at the grocery store before, and completely ignored it. Well, this exotic fruit? vegetables? We’re not sure, is said to show up in your plate quite a bit this year.

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