10 natural tips to prevent hair loss

Have you noticed that your hair is starting to fall out? Don't panic! Find out how to fix it with these simple solutions.


Hair loss is part of everyday life. Hair clogs your shower drain and constantly accumulates on your floor or carpet. On average, we lose about 80 hairs per day. If you start losing much more than that or if you notice that they don’t grow back, you should probably start thinking about what causes this problem, but especially what you need to do to eliminate or drastically reduce it. Here’s how to deal with hair loss.

10Recognize the problem

Hair loss does not occur quickly, our hair grows in cycles, which means that it can take up to 3 months for the hair to fall out. “If you notice excessive daily exudate for more than 3 months, consult a trichologist or your GP, there may be an underlying factor that needs to be considered,” advises Anabel. “It’s very important not to panic: telogen effluvium (excessive excretion) almost always eliminates itself and hair begins to grow back as usual once any internal imbalance is corrected.