7 Bathroom Cleaning hacks to facilitate your daily chores

Cleaning the bathroom most often sucks. We love to share great tips, so here are 7 bathroom hacks that are definitely going to keep it cleaner everyday.


There is no need for your bathroom to look like a trash can. Don’t escalate to a dirty toilet and a rusted shower. Use one of our effective bathroom tricks to keep yours fresh and clean. Here are 7 bathroom tricks that are essential.

9Silence Your Toilet Seat

When closing the ring of your toilet seat, God knows men usually don’t put it down gently. The noise can get extremely annoying, especially in the middle of the night. Here is the trick: cut a cork in 4 slices. Then glue your pieces of wine corks onto the underside of the seat. You could also use 4 felt pads. Now enjoy how it muffles the sound of the crashing porcelain and it will also help stabilize the seat.