Simple Hairstyles For A Fresh New Look

It can be hard to pick the right hairstyle because not all of them look great on everyone. Here are 15 trendy hairstyles that are sure bets for a fresh new look!


Remember when you had time to try new and different hairstyles? Nowadays, you may not have as much time to try out new things and we’re pretty sure the last thing you would want is to be completely off the track. It can be hard to pick the right hairstyle because not all of them look great on everyone.

To help you skip the trial and – especially – error experience, we’ve selected trendy haircuts and styles that could just fit you right. Here are 15 trendy hairstyles that are sure bets for a fresh new look!

15. Keep it long with a bang.

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Over the thirties, long hair can be really attractive. However, you are better off wearing them in gradients. You can also opt for the shaded effect that softens and rejuvenates the face: it’s beautiful!

14. Opt for the asymmetrical square

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This haircut has the advantage of being chic, sexy and casual at the same time. Like Charlize Theron, wear it with a long bang that goes across your face.

13. Make a stripe in the middle of your haircut

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The hairstyle splitter in the middle is as pretty at 20 as at 40, hold it for yourself. You can add auburn or blond highlights to your hairstyle to rejuvenate your haircut. Playing with color can be very interesting.

12. Try The Pixie Haircut

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The pixie cut will give you a youthful look. Just like Alexandra Sublet, try to bring it up to date. You can also have a banana wave on the top of your head if you feel bold.

11. Straighten Your hair

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Straight your hair and add a bangs. This look will take off a few years on the clock, guaranteed!

10. Messy bun

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You will love this hairstyle! It is sophisticated, but not too severe. You can wear it at the work or during your 5 o’clock rendez-vous or even on the weekends in the countryside. You just have to make a bun at the height of your neck and drop a few locks.

9. Dare the tomboy cut

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If you have a thin face, dare the tomboy cut. It will suit you perfectly!

8. Let your hair grow with natural curves

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Do you think that long hair are only for young women? You are completely wrong. Julianne Moore wears her long, curly hair perfectly. Do the same to have a sophisticated look.

7. Style your hair with a low ponytail

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Forget the high ponytail pulled back, especially if you have passed the 40 years mark. Opt instead for a low ponytail.

6. Try short layers styled on the side.

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This is perfect to hide the signs of aging on the forehead. Pull off this style perfectly with a bold red lipstick such as Cameron Diaz.

5. Bob haircut

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This is a perfect cut if you are over the forties. To not look like a lion with an indomitable mane, separate your hair on the side.

4. Wavy mid-length

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If you have trouble cutting your long hair. The mid-length is perfect for you! Wear your hair with messy waves for a trendy and youthful effect.

3. Bob extra-short cut

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Rejuvenate your face with multiples lengths, a stripe on the side and a volume on the other side. Do not forget to mask your white hair, if necessary, with a dye.

2. Messy square haircut

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The unstructured square is ideal to bring a good dose of freshness to any haircut. Wear this cut with a tapered bangs. It’s also got to be one of the most popular haircut over 50 years-old.

1. Renew with the mid-long multiples layers

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This cut is suitable for all women. You’ll see that the mid-long gradient softens your face and brightens your complexion. It is, without question, a good choice!


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