Here Are 10 Dog Breeds Perfect for People Who Live in the City

Not all dogs are made to enjoy the same living conditions. Some dogs have a lot of energy, need to do a lot of exercise and can't be kept in small spaces such as a downtown apartment. If you live in the city and would like to adopt a dog, make sure to go for the right breed in order for your dog and yourself to be happy. Here are 10 dog breeds to consider adopting that can adapt well to urban environments.


If you live in an urban area – probably in a smaller apartment, with lots of noise and little outdoor space – then you may be wondering which dogs are the best for living with you. The truth is that almost any dog can live in the city as long as you take their needs into consideration. You can choose a specific breed, or a mixture of several that fits your lifestyle if you are a very active person or more of a laidback indoorsy one, and be perfectly happy.

However, there are a few specific breeds that you may want to consider. They are dogs that often require less exercise and therefore do not need a large backyard or ten outings to the park per day – if that is not something you have time to do. There are also dogs that tend to be gentle, as life in the city can be a little noisy and overwhelming, as well as other dogs that are not afraid to live in smaller apartments. Here are 10 dog breeds perfect for city life.

10. Dachshund

Dachshunds are tiny and cute little dogs that are not afraid to be in small spaces. “They are affectionate dogs,” says Jenna Regan, a professional pet photographer. “They can be quiet, but they can also bark quickly when someone knocks on the door. With its small legs, the dachshund does not need much space to exercise, so a backyard is not a necessity.

9. Welsh Corgi Pembroke


The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, also known as Corgi, is a small dog that “loves attention, cuddling and being with his human,” explains Russell Hartstein, a certified dog and cat behaviourist and the CEO of Fun Paw Care. In addition, this breed “makes good guard dogs” and is easy to train, two characteristics that make it well adapted to city life.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Are you looking for a small dog that will be happy to accompany you? “Cavalier King Charles’ Spaniels enjoy a quiet lifestyle and can be entertained by playing ball, even in a small apartment, and they usually don’t bark when they hear noises in the hallway of a busy building,” explains Sally A. Morgan, a holistic physiotherapist specializing in pets. These dogs are generally about 13 inches tall, making them perfect for small living spaces.

7. Yorkshire Terrier

American Kennel Club

If you are looking for a small guard dog, think of a Yorkie. They are “excellent for alerting you in case of a burglary or if someone knocks on your door,” says Harstein. They are also portable, which means they can easily travel with you in stores. Just make sure you stimulate them enough and get them exercising, and you should be correct.

6. Pug

Canal Vie

As if you needed another reason to love pugs, they adapt well in small apartments and are happy to trot in a city. “With its quiet personality, compact size and generally medium to low energy level, this friendly and adaptable breed is perfect for the city,” says Regan. “Their adorable looks make them easily recognizable and endearing.”

5. Shih Tzu

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If you can, look for a dog that has a little Shih Tzu in its mix. “Shih Tzus are the perfect dogs for busy city dwellers who like the relaxed attitude of large dogs but don’t have a large apartment,” according to Angela Hughes, veterinarian geneticist at Wisdom Panel, and Caitie Steffen, pet behaviour specialist at Whistle. “… the breed is awake and active, so they are perfect for walks in parks and small walks around a block. Shih Tzu owners don’t have to worry about their puppy needing long outdoor trips.”

4. Greyhound

If you want a larger breed, a greyhound may be a good idea. According to Lynette Whiteman of the Canine Caregivers Canine Therapy Program: “They tend to be very demanding and need someone who is familiar with this breed. As they may be sensitive, they may need a little help getting used to urban life. But once you do that, they can be very happy.”

3. French Bulldogs


Another recognizable breed, the French bulldog can be the ideal companion for your weekend shopping and city excursions. “French bulldogs seem to be my clients’ city dog,” says Regan. “Their serene personality fits perfectly into the life of the city. They are happy, quiet and do not require much exercise or activity.” A short daily walk or two, and your dog will flourish!

2. English Bulldogs


Another breed that is perfect for city life is English bulldog. “They spend a lot of time lounging and sleeping and are very well adapted to city life since they don’t need a backyard to be happy,” says Regan. “When you walk them, it won’t take much to tire them out. They often have more health needs and can be a more expensive breed to own.” So make sure you have the means to take care of this dog breed before you adopt it.

1. Boston Terriers

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Burrows can be delicate, as many of them are barkers because of their reactive and high-energy nature. But once well trained, they can be the perfect roommates in a small space. “The Boston terriers I worked with seem to adapt well to their environment,” says Regan. “They are quiet, but will play for short periods of time outdoors when given the opportunity.” They are therefore a perfect breed of dog for city life!