Wet Your Plants With These Unusual Gardening Hacks!

Do you want to go back to gardening? Why not try these amazing tips? They will allow you to have a beautiful garden this summer.


Gardening is a pleasant activity for many people. Certainly, not everyone has a green thumb. If you want to indulge in the pleasures of gardening, but have trouble keeping your plants alive, here are some unusual tips, but you can’t think of anything more effective in helping you have beautiful plants and flowers all year round!

1. Use an ice cream cone to plant your seeds

  • Have an ice cream cone.
  • Fill it with soil.
  • Put a seed in it and water it.
  • Once your seed has grown a little, plant your ice cream cone in a pot with soil outside.

2. Ice cream cones are biodegradable

Isn’t that great?

3. Grow your green onions at home

Take the lower part of the green onion (the white part), a plastic egg carton and a knife with a retractable blade.

4. Make a hole in your egg carton with your retractable knife

Place your green onions in the holes and fill the bottom of your carton with eggs and water.

5. Put your onions in the sun

Wait until your green onions grow and add them to your favorite recipes!

6. Is your plant about to die?

  • Put on a pair of gloves, then place rusty nails in a water bottle.
  • Close the water bottle, shake it and make holes in its lid.
  • Water your plant with water. The iron in the rust will oxygenate your plant, which will help it get back on its feet!

7. Is your soil dry?

Burn a nail with a lighter and make holes on both sides with the nail.

8. Put half of your bottle in the ground to irrigate the soil properly

9. Don’t throw away your curdled milk!

  • Pour it into a bowl.
  • Add soil to it.
  • Mix it all together and add this mixture to the soil of your plants. The calcium in milk helps to fertilize your plants’ soil in a natural way.

10. You’ve been gardening and your nails are full of dirt?

Take a bar soap, run your nails over its surface and rinse your hands under water.