These 20 Household Objects Are Filled With Germs

Even though your house may look clean, there are many areas and items that might actually only seem like it is. Some objects and places in your home need some special attention when it comes to scrubbing day. discover what has to be cleaned daily or weekly that you might be forgetting to wash. Here are 20 items filled with germs.


Scrubbing the house is never fun. It usually takes up time off from work when you would much rather be enjoying the weather with friends and relaxing on your own. Still, a house and even an apartment need to be cleaned often in order to get rid and prevent the accumulation of germs, bacteria, dust, and other undesired things. And although you might be spending hours with your hands drenched in soap, chances are that you might be forgetting many household items require a deep clean every day or week. Learn the areas that need special attention. Here are 20 household objects are filled with germs.

1Bathroom faucet

According to WebMD, bathroom faucets have more germs than toilet handles. It is important to clean them daily with a disinfectant.