These 20 Household Objects Are Filled With Germs

Even though your house may look clean, there are many areas and items that might actually only seem like it is. Some objects and places in your home need some special attention when it comes to scrubbing day. discover what has to be cleaned daily or weekly that you might be forgetting to wash. Here are 20 items filled with germs.


Scrubbing the house is never fun. It usually takes up time off from work when you would much rather be enjoying the weather with friends and relaxing on your own. Still, a house and even an apartment need to be cleaned often in order to get rid and prevent the accumulation of germs, bacteria, dust, and other undesired things. And although you might be spending hours with your hands drenched in soap, chances are that you might be forgetting many household items require a deep clean every day or week. Learn the areas that need special attention. Here are 20 household objects are filled with germs.

1. Bathroom faucet

According to WebMD, bathroom faucets have more germs than toilet handles. It is important to clean them daily with a disinfectant.

2. Toilet

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It is no surprise that toilets are not the cleanest things in your home. Reduce the germ spreading by closing the lid when you flush. Also, scrub your toilet weekly to keep your whole bathroom clean.

3. Toothbrush holder

Bacteria thrive in toothbrush holders. Every week, put it in the dishwasher or clean it by hand.

4. Towels

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Sharing your towel is not a good idea, especially if you’re sick. Wash towels weekly since they hold many germs.

5. Fridge



Fridges keep your food cool but they don’t keep your food clean. Clean it every few months and if you spill something, clean it right away.

6. Coffee maker



The water reservoir of your coffee maker is a great place for germs to grow. Germs love dark, damp and warm environment so make sure to clean the reservoir often.

7. Countertops

Bacteria like salmonella and E. coli often finds itself on countertops. It is important to sanitize and wash daily with a disinfectant or hot water and soap.

8. Stove knobs

You touch the stove knobs every single day so they are filled with germs. Every week, wash and disinfect them but wipe them clean after every meal.

9. Kitchen sink

Twice a week, you should disinfect your kitchen sink since it is filled with bacteria. Pour a bleach and water solution down the drain every month.

10. Kitchen sponges

These little things are filled with tons of bacteria. This is one of the dirtiest items in your house. Mould, e. coli, salmonella, allergens, it has to be cleaned or changed twice a month.

11. Pet bowls

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Your pets might not care or be aware of germs but if you want to keep your pet healthy, make sure you clean their water and food bowls weekly.

12. Knobs and railings

Doorknob and handles contain tons of bacteria. Sanitize these areas every week or even daily if someone is sick in your household.

13. Washing machine

Washing machines clean your clothes but what cleans your washing machine? Add a cup of bleach to an empty washing machine and let it run. Do this every week.

14. Keyboard and mouse

Your hands are filled with germs so when you touch your keyboard and mouse the germs get transferred to these objects. Shake the crumbs out and disinfect these areas weekly.

15. Gym bag

Your gym bag holds your dirty gym clothes so you need to also clean the bag every week to keep bacteria away.

16. Reusable shopping bags

These bags are great for your weekly trip to the grocery store. However, they are a breeding ground for bacteria like e. coli and salmonella, if you buy meat. Wash them every week on the washing machine’s hottest setting.

17. Microwave

Wipe down the inside with hot, soapy water every week or every time you spill something inside. Cover your food so you don’t have to clean splatters every time you use it.

18. Mops, buckets, and scrubbers

The equipment you use to clean your entire house also needs to be cleaned. Buy a mop with a head that can be cleaned in the washing machine on the hottest setting.

19. Litter box

The area around your cat’s litter box is a breeding ground for germs. Vacuum and wipe down with soapy water the area around the litter box weekly.

20. Floors

Floors might look clean but they are filled with germs and bacteria. Wash and vacuum weekly and always remove your shoes before entering your home.