These Cats Have Fallen Asleep In Surprising Positions

You've probably fallen asleep in a strange position before. This can also happen to animals. Here is the proof with these cat pictures!


Most people love animals, especially cats. There’s nothing surprising about that: these little fur balls are so cute! However, although cats are the most adorable creatures, they can change moods as quickly as we change our clothes. So, cats are pretty weird creatures.

However, we have to admit that we have something in common with cats. Just like cats, we love to sleep. However, it seems that cats are able to sleep a little more easily than we do. Indeed, they can sometimes fall asleep in rather surprising positions. Here are some funny pictures of cats sleeping in a rather amazing way.

1. Sit-up

Cats can actually fall asleep like this, although this position seems very uncomfortable. This position is normally the result of a cat who wanted to be the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, but realized that it was easier to be Homer Simpson and take a nap.

2. In the frying pan

This feline was probably dreaming that it had the power to transform itself into an omelette. We will never know, but that is the only reasonable explanation for this strange position.

3. The cat that gets a tan

Everyone likes to get a tan. Cats are no exception to this rule. This beautiful cat with a white and red coat has found a beautiful place to sunbathe: the roof of the house. At the same time, he takes the opportunity to get some sleep.

4. A comfortable sofa

Instead of getting comfortable and curled up on itself, this cat chose to fold up its back to sleep on the sofa, an incredibly unnatural shape. Why not, after all? This strange position highlights the cat’s power over the human – who can no longer sit on the couch to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

5. The double bed

To be able to do this position successfully, it requires a lot of flexibility and, of course, two beds. This is a good idea if you don’t know which bed to choose and want to book them.

6. The baby’s position

People often say that pets imitate their owners. This cat seems to have confused its owners a little bit. Nevertheless, most babies have a good night’s sleep, so why shouldn’t this cat have a good night’s sleep too? For this position, you will need an incredibly large body, short legs and short arms to create the desired effect.

7. A difficult night

Sometimes we have a difficult night and don’t really know where and how we fall asleep. It can be on the toilet, on the kitchen floor or nestled between a few radiator pipes. Looking at this cat, we think that his choice of “bed” is not too bad.

8. The Library Rat

There is no doubt that this cat loves to read. If this had not been the case, he would not have gone to bed on several classics of literature.

9. The contortionist

The purpose of the contortionist is very simple and can be performed by any cat of any age and breed. All you need to do to make this position is a sofa and the ability to bend and twist your body in any way and in any direction.

10. Trying to reach his head

There is an infallible way to ensure a good night’s sleep – and that’s the sleeping position this cat takes. We grant you, it’s a pretty good way to faint. But you are sure to fall asleep. You don’t have to keep turning around to try to be comfortable. You will instantly fall into a deep sleep.

11. The position of the spoon

We all know that the position of the spoon is probably the most comfortable position to sleep… at least, if you are the little spoon. The position of the large spoon is much less comfortable, especially if you are a cat. Your mouth is full of cat fur and fur balls and you have stiff legs. However, these cats do not seem to be bothered by their positions. Indeed, they seem to be sleeping peacefully.

12. The Narco-Cat

The sleeping position of the Narco-Cat is extremely refined and requires a special cat to perfect it. This cat is the kind of cat that suffers from severe narcolepsy and sleeps anywhere, anytime.

13. The pile of fur

What a pretty pile of fur! This sleeping position is probably one of the best – if you can find some friends to help you. All you need is a few plush toys that lie on top of each other so that everyone stays warm. However, if you have the opportunity, try to avoid the last position, as you will quickly get very hot!

14. The edge of the window

When it comes to this uncomfortable sleeping position, there are no limits. Strangely enough, cats love to fall asleep on the edge of the window. These edges give cats the perfect blend of support and softness – because there’s nothing better than cold, flowing steel bars apparently.

15. One leg on the outside

The key to a successful sleep position is in the “accessories”. You need to find the right box. It should not be too small, otherwise your whole body will come out on its side. And it should not be too big because you want at least one leg to protrude from it.

16. When the cat is the box

This position is a little more advanced than the previous one. It is perfect for the cat who really wants to get a good night’s sleep, and a little back pain. This position will also require more advanced skills in the search for the box, as you must find the size that perfectly matches your body.

17. The “dog”

This yoga position is very popular with humans – but cats like to go a little further (because, of course, they are better than humans). They look for their favorite dog and just lie next to him on his side.

18. Playing dead

Let’s be honest, we all love The Walking Dead. Cats also like this show. The proof is that they sometimes even have fun imitating the “zombie” sleeping position.

19. Working hard

Have you ever been to work wondering how to take a nap? Well, this cat just managed to fall asleep on his computer.

20. The dryer

The uncomfortable sleeping position of the tumble dryer is a matter of imagination. Without it, you will have a substandard sleep experience. And no one wants that. So, first you have to imagine that you are a garment that has just been taken out of a washing machine. Then you have to imagine that you are soaked and that you need to be hung to dry. Finally, you must find yourself a clothes dryer and place yourself on it as if you need to be dried. It’s no more complicated than that!

Source: Monagza