The top 10 best first pets to have for your child

Is your child reaching an age where he or she is eager to have an animal partner? Here are the best first pets to consider.


All children, at some point in their lives, when they grow up, want to have their first pet. Will they take care of it as much as they promise? That’s another story, but in any case, you’ll probably give in to the request for the toddler’s greatest happiness. The question then arises: which animal to choose? There are so many choices! Fortunately, we are here to help you. Here are the top 10 best first pets you can choose for your child.

10Hermit Crab


Hermit Crab are interesting small pets that do not require much maintenance. You must give them food and fresh water every day, of course, but also a small daily water mist to keep them hydrated. You can keep them in a small tank with some gravel. In addition, the bigger he gets, the biggest shells you will have to provide him with to snuggle up.