17 old horrible hygiene measures that really were the norm

People are sometimes willing to do anything to comply with beauty standards and some old hygiene measures are scary!


Do you know the expression “you have to suffer to be beautiful”? Well, for centuries, women – but also men! – did many things to themselves, sometimes quite surprisingly, in the name of beauty. When you think about it, it’s pretty crazy how far people can be willing to go just to look more attractive! In this article, discover 17 horrible old hygiene measures that really were the norm and that millions of people have inflicted upon themselves over time.



Are you grossed out by the idea of taking the bath in the same water as your partner after them? Well, brace yourself, because, in the past, bath water was often shared within the same family. Even worse, at one time, it was even shared between different families or worst of all, an entire city! Sure, it’s great for saving water, but it’s undoubtedly really bad for public health. When you think of it, maybe that’s why health care wasn’t really a thing…