You Won’t Believe People Actually Eat This!

Culinary specialities and diet habits greatly vary from a culture to another, but these items have nothing to do with sushi, tacos, burgers and pasta. In fact, you probably never knew that these things could be eaten. You will be very surprised to discover that people actually eat and enjoy this extremely weird and surprising food items.


Among the religion of Hinduism, cows are thought to be sacred and are deeply respected. For someone who subscribes to these beliefs, people’s obsession with grilling steak and serving shepherd’s pie to children certainly sound terrible if not crazy and unappetizing. Point is, eating habits differ greatly from cultures to cultures. And while some regional local specialities have travelled the world and made fanatics in every part of the Earth – like sushi, tacos, paella, hummus, strong cheeses and curry for example – other food items remain extremely regional and so particular that most people unaware of those culinary traditions would be extremely surprised that others actually consider such products as food items.

Curious to find out if you would be willing to bite into these surprising and unconventional, often never heard of dishes? Here are some weird food items you never knew people actually eat!

11. Guinea Pigs

Most people see and think of guinea pigs as a pet, but in Peru, they are part of a traditional dish.

10. Horse

If you live in North America, you probably love riding horses, but if you are Italian, chances are you might also enjoy eating horse meat.

9. Bull Testicles

If you live in the Western US, then you probably know that rocky mountain oysters have nothing to do with oyster. It is a dish consisting of fried bull testicles.

8. Rattlesnake

When they hear about snakes, most people want to scream or run away, but others actually get hungry. It is actually pretty healthy and often cooked on the grill.

7. Squirrel

Traditionally, the Kentucky stew named burgoo was made with whatever kind of meat was available which included squirrel, possum and raccoon.

6. Milt

Never heard of milt? Actually, you probably did, but under a different appellation: fish sperm.

5. Tarantula

You were freaking out about the snake? Wait until you heard this one: In Cambodia, fried tarantula is a current delicacy.

4. Whale

Although many species are endangered, whale dishes are still served in many countries.

3. Sheep Head

Some people eat lamb chops, and some people enjoy sheep head with their mashed potatoes.

2. Blood Sausage

Blood sausage is eaten in multiple parts of the world where it is even perceived as a delicacy. Its preparation and name might vary from a place to another, but the basis remains the same.

1. Iguanas

Iguanas are an invasive species in certain parts of Central America, what better way to regulate their expansion than to roast them or make a stew and eat their slightly sweet meat.

Source: CNN