These hilarious photos where taken seconds before a disaster

Sometimes, it is all a question of timing. In the case of these hilarious pictures, no one expected to capture the moment right before disaster struck. And yet, it is exactly what happened. These photos were taking precisely before something unfortunate, yet undeniable funny took place. Have a look for yourself!


These perfectly timed photos will have you in awe. They capture the split-second before something unfortunate happened. Whether someone is about to get hurt, someone is about to get soaked in water, or mud, or beer, or someone is about to have to pick up that birthday cake from the floor or falls into the pool, or faceplants onto the sports field, or takes a tumble off their bike, these photos captured the instant right before disaster struck. These common bad luck moments and once in a lifetime regrettable incidents will certainly make you laugh, and potentially feel bad for doing so.

There is no mystery as to what is about to happen next and it is nothing good for the protagonists in these pictures. Here are some photos that happen to be perfectly timed and taken right before something bad happened.

15. Winter Is Here

That man probably regretted buying a latte rather than cleats.

14. Catch Me If You Can

Big brother is about to get a serious talk from grandma and little brother is about to get some scratches.

13. Merry Christmas

Dad probably regretted his choice of gift.

12. 1 2 3 Jump

You’d think that at her age, she’d know how to jump from a swing.

11. Gravity strikes

Someone’s about to get a surprise dip.

10.  Surprise mudbath

At least they are wearing a swimsuit.

9. The 3 seconds rule

Her face says it all.

8. Catch!

Something tells us both these men are hammered.

7. You’re Out

Action Ball takes a whole new meaning.

6. Hard Fall

Soccer is not the guy’s forté.

5. No regrets

This guy might actually regret posing for a quick photo.

4. Technical problem

Thank God for that helmet.

3. Feeling hot

This guy is about to sleep on the couch.

2. Man at Sea

Hopefully, this is not a boat.

1. Cheers!

The night is going to end early for one or many of these.

Source: Offbeat