13 animals and their strange sleeping habits!

As humans, we are used to sleeping at night for about 8 hours. However, animals have their own sleeping habits.


Humans have fairly predictable sleep patterns. Apart from night birds, most of us go to bed in the evening and wake up in the morning. However, when it comes to animals, some people like to do things a little differently and have rather surprising sleeping habits. Here are some of them.

13The albatrosses

As seabirds, albatrosses spend most of their time in the air in search of food below. Moreover, many believe that they are able to sleep in the air, perhaps by keeping only a sufficient part of their brain awake to continue flying. Swifts can also fly in their sleep and are known to fly for several years at a time without ever landing to sleep. However, BBC journalist Ella Davies hypothesizes that albatrosses do not sleep in flight, but are able to simply not sleep for very long periods.