You Won’t Believe How Hilarious These Pictures Of Kids Are!

Children can be hilarious, especially when they have their pictures taken. Here are some pictures as funny as they are cute!


Parenting a young child is always full of surprises. Hopefully, these are surprises that bring us joy, moments when children do something so unexpected that they make us laugh. These unintentionally hilarious children have a way of showing us all how much their innocent and authentic world view can be funny to an older eye, especially when it is taken in pictures. Here are 15 pictures of children as cute as they are hilarious.

1. Thinking outside the box


Imagine the following scenario. You walk around, you enjoy a breath of fresh air when you are suddenly tired. It will take you time to get home, and you are obviously too tired to think. You don’t know what to do.

This image proves how hilarious children can be when they think creatively. This tired child simply lay down on the cement, taking the trouble, however, to draw a pillow with chalk.

2. A master of disguise


To win a good hide-and-seek game, it is not enough to find the right hiding place and hide in it. You must master the art of silence and stealth by blending into the setting if necessary. Of course, older children may have unorthodox tactics, like this child.

3. The power of the pink color


Many little girls develop an early fascination with everything pink and sparkling, especially for beautiful princesses or delicate fairies. But some girls decide to be bold with costumes of princesses or rebel fairies.

4. An unforgettable Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is an important event, even for young children. They take great pleasure in letting their mother know how much she is loved and want to help make her a perfect day. Of course, every Mother’s Day begins with breakfast in bed.

However, it seems that this mother was quite surprised when her child brought her her “gift”, a basket of raw snails.

5. A frightening surprise


This child is not horrified at the thought of having a new little brother or sister in the family – far from it! According to the child’s parents, the future big sister had trained to hold the baby in her arms with a doll. However, she hadn’t thought about the fact that her doll was much lighter than the baby, which scared her…

6. Halloween


Generally speaking, when Halloween approaches, young children choose their costume. Most often, they prefer to choose simple costume ideas, such as a princess, superhero, animal or monster. And then there’s this child…

This child decided that he wanted to dress up as a fart for Halloween, which then raises the question: “How to dress up as something invisible?” He wrapped himself in pieces of greenish fabric and armed himself with a sound gun. There is no doubt that this image will make him laugh in a few years.

7. Doppelganger


This girl couldn’t be more delighted with what she found while her parents were shopping. She came across a frame filled with one of the generic photos they usually bring. But unlike most casual buyers, she noticed something that no one else noticed.

In a lovely little misunderstanding, the girl thought that the face of the girl in the archival photo was her own!

8. A happy baby


Have your parents ever told you that you are a “happy baby”? This child was clearly a happy child. He masters the art of relaxed leaning, thumb up and irresistible smile at a glance!

9. When the instructions are not clear


We do our best to help our children. Whether it’s helping them brush their teeth, brush their hair or do their hair, we try to be there for them at every stage of their growth and learning.

Of course, there are just a few things that make sense from the beginning and don’t really require a full explanation. Some children sometimes manage to always surprise us!

10. May the strength be with you!


No matter how much we dress and clean them, young children seem to have a penchant for finding and covering themselves with dirt. Add to this behavior an unintentional reference to pop culture and you have a hilarious picture!

11. Civil disobedience


Any parent of young children can tell you that one of their biggest challenges, time and time again, is to get them to go to bed at a decent time and get them to sleep all night. You would have difficulty finding a parent who has not experienced the difficulty of making their children understand that the play period is over.

Many children would choose the easy and instinctive path of an angry outburst. But some children take a more creative approach like this little girl.

12. A gourmet meal


Despite all the hard work it takes to raise a child, there are small moments that make the experience all the more rewarding. One of the sweetest and simplest gestures of love a child can make is to bring their parents’ breakfast to bed.

Of course, when you are too young to go to the store alone, you have to settle for everything you can find in the kitchen, and the result can be quite funny, like this meal.

13. Santa’s little assistants


It seems that the instructions for the Christmas show at this elementary school were to dress up as elves, but a little rock star didn’t understand the instructions well.

14. A correct message


Many classroom projects for primary school children are designed not only to highlight the artistic talents of young students (or their lack of talent) but above all to remind their parents how much they are appreciated. Making a cup is not only a beautiful gesture, but it is also a gift that can be useful.

For this significant Mother’s Day gift, students were probably asked to write a message of love to their mother. This child wrote a correct message, certainly hilarious to his mother, to say the least.

15. The leader of the pack


If young children do tend to burst into tears because of the banalest things possible, this little girl has had a more progressive approach. She decided to make the most of a sticky situation. She simply tackled the damage with her feline friends. What a great idea!