The 15 most memorable “as seen on TV” products

Sometimes people try a little bit too hard to reinvent the wheel. Here are 15 super dumb products nobody asked for, as seen on TV.


15. The Perfect Polly

Clearly, an essential product at 3 am.

14. The Slob Stopper

Essentially a glorified bib for adults.

13. The Zoomies

Who has never dreamed of looking so stupid?

12. The Sauna Pants

… but why?

11. The Fat Magnet

Here’s to another miraculous-definitely-legit weight loss product. Because nothing seems more scientific than a magnet sucking the fat out of food, right?

10. The Talking TP

Dream big with this talking toilet paper dispenser.

9. The Fanny Bank

A. Farting. Bank. We’ll pass.

8. The Mind Control Mouth Spray

A mouth spray promising to give you psychic abilities… We bet there is no “satisfaction guaranteed” to this one. At least you’ll have a minty breath afterwards…

7. The Booty Pop

Of all problems women experience, a flat butt is definitely at the top of the list.

6. The Kush Breast Supporter

Another thing nobody asked for.

5. The Portable Sauna

Just in case you’d wand to spontaneously have a spa treatment at a park or during a family reunion, you know.

4. The PooTrap

An infomercial product specially designed to humiliate your dog.

3. The Head Wedgie

Not the stupidest product of the batch, we’ll give it that. However, did they have to call it Head Wedgie? Why?

2. The Backup Mattress Shotgun Rack

And they say you should always store your gun safely. Clearly, they haven’t seen this infomercial.

1. The Better Marriage Blanket

Vital, right?