Read This Before Shopping At Whole Foods

Everything you need to know before shopping at Whole Foods for the first time or if you are a faithful customer of the high-end grocery store.


Whole Foods goes all the way back to 1978, then called SaferWay, the small natural foods store would become a massive natural foods store first in Austin, Texas and after all over in North America and the United Kingdom. The chain has the reputation of being one of the best stores in the United States, but also one of the most expensive. Whether you are a faithful Whole Foods shopper, even after it was acquired by Amazon an impressive $13.7 billion or you have never set foot inside one of their beautiful stores, chances are you know about them.

No matter how familiar you are with the natural foods chain store, here is what you should know about the big-name shop before you go back with your reusable bags or go in as a first-timer. These tips and tricks will make your shopping experience better and help you save money while shopping at Whole Foods.

11. Buying bulk will help you save, but skip this item

The bulk bin aisle is not only a good choice for the environment, it is also a good way to save on unique dry goods and pantry staples. You can even prevent waste or stack up by getting just the right amounts. Whole Foods’ bulk section is a yes… Excepts for nuts which can get very expensive. In fact, you can find them for close to half the price elsewhere.

10. Purchase by the case and save

Buying by the case rather than hitting the store multiple times to purchase this one wine bottle that you really enjoy will help you save. So take advantage of discounts and get your favourite non-perishable products by the case, from pet food to canned goods, to wine. You can even split with friends and family if the quantities are too great.

9. BYOS: Bring Your Own Straw

Depending on their location, certain Whole Foods also include services such as coffee shops, juice bars, and even a wine and beer bars. And if you are planning on sipping on one of their fresh green juices or iced coffee, don’t forget your reusable straw, Whole Foods has banned plastic ones.

8. How-to salad and hot bar the affordable way

Whole Foods is just as known for its high-quality product selection than for its colourful and flavourful tantalizing salad bar, hot bar, and prepared foods counter. Its only downside? It gets expensive. To make the most of your money, don’t take the biggest container, base your bowl around a lighter item, put the dressing on the side ( there is no extra and it won’t be weighted) and go for boneless meats.

7. Give the 365 brand a shot for good deals

You might have noticed that prices at Whole Foods can be a little more expensive than other grocery chains. So why not give their in-store brand a go and save money while still getting good quality products that can even be found organic. To get the biggest bang for your buck, consider the 365 brand for staples like sandwich bread, eggs, ground beef, pasta sauce, yogurt, and more.

6. Try out the Amazon Prime deals

Whole Foods is now owned by Amazon. Consequently, the company is offering special deals to its Amazon Prime subscribers. If you are one of them, look out for special discounts and deals at Whole Foods locations and on Whole Food items online.

5. Customize package sizes so you don’t waste food nor money

Want that special cheese but you know you won’t be able to use it all before it goes bad?Whole Foods’ superior customer service actually has your back. This is one of many perks of this kind of higher-end grocery store. You can actually head to the corresponding department counter (butcher, the cheese counter, the bakery, the deli, or even the produce section) and ask the associate if they can cut the item you need down to size.

4. Head to the in-store bar for specials

As of 2017, there were more than 200 bars operating in Whole Foods stores across America. Not only is it a good way to try out a new wine or beer before purchasing it, but it’s also a good opportunity to chat with the bartender about the best values in the beer and wine department. But mainly, many of the in-store bars offer specials have specials that run throughout the week as well as different promotions and events worth checking out.

3. Look out for sales

Whole Foods is working hard to shake off its Whole Paycheck nickname. So make the most of it! Whether you are using the Amazon Prime membership discounts or not, weekly deals and seasonal sales, will help you score high-quality produce and products at low prices.

2. Know When to Shop

Most people fill up their fridge on the weekend, which makes sense considering a traditional work schedule. But other than skipping the crowds, there are many advantages to hitting the store on other days. One of them is to get the best deals. Whole Foods turn over their weekly sale items on Wednesday. The store also has Friday One-Day Sales.

1. They have an app

There is a Whole Foods app, and it can actually be helpful. On it, you’ll see what items are on sale. You can then use it to build your shopping list based on those items to help save money. You can also use it to redeem your Prime benefits.

Source: Mashed