Top 10 Best-Selling McDonald’s Menu Items of All Time

Discover if your McDonald's go-to is part of America's favourite menu items at one of the world's best known fast-food chain.


We’ve all been to McDonald’s at least once in our life. For most people, the count goes up to a lot more than a few times a year. While it’s not something you should do on a regular basis, there is nothing wrong with a little McDonalds for the soul and tastebuds everyone now and then. In America, the chain pretty much became a rite of passage, an institution and the King of fast food. However, not every menu item has been a hit. Want to know which menu items are the best selling of all time? Here are McDonald’s 10 best-sellers.

10. Double cheeseburger

The double cheese is the answer for when saves the day with double the beef and for when you’re not in the mood for Big Mac special sauce but a regular burger sounds like a snack.

9. Premium salads

Who would have thought people actually bought McDonald’s salad fixes! Turns out, a lot of people. It seems that McDonald’s efforts to cater to more health-conscious customers with their new salad recipes worked out! Just be careful, as some of them actually contain calories than a regular old burger.

8. Chicken nuggets

McDonald’s main focus is burgers, yet there is no denying that their nuggets have quite a following and contributes to their reputation.

7. Apple pie and apple slices

It seems that most people say yes to the “Would you like an apple pie with that?” question. Since it was introduced in 1992, the dessert has been a top seller. And with the new health trend and the option to replace french fries with fresh apple slices in Happy Meals, the latter has joined the pie as a best seller.

6. Egg McMuffin

The Egg McMuffin will go down in history as the first true breakfast item offered by a fast-food restaurant. And it seems that people are never getting bored of the classic English muffin, poached egg, cheese, and Canadian bacon combination to start their day.

5. Happy Meal

McDonald’s is the largest toy distributor in the world. Yes, you read that right. Obviously, Happy Meals are to blame. And while they are a surprisingly late addition to the McDonald’s menu, it sounds like they are here to stay.

4. Snack wraps

Perhaps one of the most surprising item on this list… It seems that a lot of people like their quick snack in McDonald’s wrap form.

3. Big Mac

It’s hard to think of McDonald’s without picturing a Big Mac. Not surprising to see this iconic item on this list’s top 3.

2. French fries

You probably did not even think of it. And yet, there are very little items less iconic than McDonald’s french fries. They are an almost essential part of a McDonald’s meal. This side item has been on the menu since the beginning, and customers just can’t get enough.

1. McGriddles breakfast sandwich

Bacon, eggs, pancakes and syrup all in one portable car-friendly sandwich. What’s not to love… And order on the regular judging by the popularity of this relatively new McDonald’s creation.

Source: Cheatsheet