10 Things Not To Order If You Go To Burger King!

Although Burger King is very popular with hamburger lovers, not all the options on its menu are a good choice. Find out why!


For a long time, people had access to only two major national chains to eat hamburgers: McDonald’s and Burger King. McDonald’s got the Big Mac and Burger King got the Whopper. Of course, it has to be said that the Florida-based chain is no longer doing as well as it used to. Indeed, the competitive fast-food market has been tough for Burger King, despite the industry’s efforts to modernize its dining rooms and equipment. It also seems that the menu is one of the problems of Burger King’s declining popularity. Much of the menu is simply unattractive and unhealthy. If you are planning a visit to your local Burger King, do yourself a favor and don’t order these dishes on the menu.

2Burger King’s Triple Stacker King contains a lot of calories


Burger King’s Single Stacker King’s is a quarter-pound filled with bacon, cheese, and a “special Stacker sauce”. This burger alone contains 700 calories. Its big brother, however, the Triple Stacker King is huge and contains more calories than any other Burger King menu product. It contains three patties, several slices of cheese and more bacon than one person should consume in a single meal. Before you get into the calorie issue, the criticism was extremely harsh with Burger King: “This hamburger is the ultimate in irresponsibility and, if it’s not taken off the menu, the food industry will do nothing to help stem the current obesity epidemic,” said Tam Fry, spokesperson for the National Forum on Obesity at the time.

The Triple Stacker King mocks these critics with its 1,370 calories of meat and cheese. Given the number of calories in this hamburger, we can hope that every bite is delicious, can’t we? Well, Brand Eating doesn’t think so. The examiner thought the hamburger was good if you just wanted to eat meat and cheese, but no more. Since the hamburger contains six slices of bacon and studies have linked the pork product to colorectal cancer, it may be better to avoid this huge burger.