Buy 1 Liter of White Vinegar a Year, Shocking to See How It Can Change Your Life

We all have a bottle of white vinegar in our closet, but we do not use it too often. There are however different ways to enjoy this product.


If you have a bottle of white vinegar at home, you will probably be happy to learn that you can now use it in your daily life.

Here are some great tricks that will definitely serve you on occasion.

11. Pour nettoyer un DVD ou un CD

Put a little vinegar on a very soft cloth and rub your CDs or DVDs to give them life again.

10. Get rid of bottle label.

When trying to remove a label from a product and tearing it, just rub a little vinegar on the paper and wait 5 minutes. Then, everything takes off like a charm.

9. Pour nettoyer le calcaire

By mixing 2 tablespoons of salt and 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, you can eliminate the limestone that accumulates in your sink or in your bath. Your faucets will feel much better after engulfing this mixture.

8. Clean a small cut.

If you are slightly injured, you can use white vinegar to clean your wound. Beware!

7. Make your nail polish last longer.

Before applying your nail polish, rub a sponge soaked in white vinegar on your nails. Wait until the whole thing dries and apply your varnish. It will last longer.

6. For your car.

To avoid your windows to turn all frosty in winter, simply mix 1 liter of water with 3 spoons of white vinegar and rub our panes with the mixture.

5. Car’s carpets.

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In winter, the salt put on the roads quickly dirty our cars. To remove salt stains on our carpets, simply spray a mixture of water and white vinegar (1: 1) directly on the carpets and wipe with a towel.

4. Hide the bad odors from your cat’s urine.

If your cat has urinated outside its litter, pour white vinegar over the area that emits odors. Then, take a sponge with water and wipe the area affected by the odor.

3. Laundry cleanser.

Add 150 ml of white vinegar to your wash. The vinegar will preserve the colors while softening the fabrics. In addition, you can finally get rid of the small mosses that stick on the clothes.

2. Microwaves cleanser.

Add 150 ml of white vinegar to a bowl of water. Place the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes. When opening the door, place a paper towel inside the appliance. Everything will go off at once.

1. While cooking eggs.

To avoid the shell of your eggs cracking when cooking in boiling water. Add two spoons of white vinegar to your cooking water.

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