Beauty Specialists Reveal How to Stop Breaking your Nails

If you can not spend a day without breaking a nail, you need to read these 5 tips to help making them more enduring to your everyday life.


Nails that break constantly, without any real reason, and that make you nervous every time you have to perform a gesture, as banal as it is?

For a woman, the nails are signs of femininity; The longer, stronger, and nurtured the nails, the more a woman feels woman, elegant and neat. Unfortunately, just their attention is not enough.

Why nails are so fragile: As a rule, nails are a reflection of a person’s physical and mental health. A soft fingernail would mean that the person is suffering from deficiency of zinc, iron, vitamin B and selenium. Stress and fatigue would also push you to gnaw them, which is not good for their health.

To prevent them from breaking, here are 5 house tricks that come from beautician and Cosmopolitan site.

5. Hydrate Them

Your nails are like your skin, they need to be hydrated to be healthy. To moisturize them, you simply have to apply castor oil or Vaseline on your cuticles. If you cook, enjoy to leave 2-3 drops of olive oil on your fingers to moisten them.

4. Protect Them

When using powerful products, it is best to protect your nails, just like your hands. Put some cream and use rubber gloves to clean the house or to do the dishes, this will make your nails to be less fragile.

3. Dry Them

As soon as your hands are wet, you should always take the time to dry them with a cloth. Moisture is very damaging to the hand and foot nails and can cause some unwanted diseases.

2. Consume Vitamin B8

Enhances your health advises to consume eggs, bananas, avocados and strawberries which are examples of food rich in vitamin B8.

This vitamin is excellent for the keratin that is found in our nails.

1. Consume More Zinc

By consuming eggs or milk, you increase your zinc levels in your body, which is beneficial to the health of your nails.


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