She Blows on Her Thumb for a Accurate Reason That Will Amaze You!

There are little tricks to help you get through your days without losing consciousness of fear or pain. It can be hard to deal with stress!


Body pain arises when it is least expected. We wake up with the barred back or we want to tear our jaws while crunching in our lunch. No matter the pain and intensity, you want to eliminate it as quickly as possible.


Anxiety is the cause of many problems. It can cause insomnia – muscle aches or even more serious problems like heart attacks.

When stress stops us from working properly, take two minutes alone in the bathroom to splash your face with cold water. Cold water allows breathing and will help you calm down. You will not make a eliminate your problems, but you will surely succeed in relaxing.

If you have butterflies in the stomach because of anxiety, blow on your thumb. You will restore your breathing and you will calm nerves that will slow down your heart rate.

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