Scientists Discovered Something Surprising Among People Who Eat Avocados

Avocados contain several nutritional compounds in addition to having a creamy and delicious taste. Here are 5 reasons to eat it more often.


The avocado is a fruit originally from Mexico that is used in several international kitchen. There are 5 varieties of avocados, but the most common one we find on our shelves is called Hass. It has a thick, hard skin of a brownish color.

Here are 5 reasons that should convince you to consume it more.

5Its vitamins and minerals

Such a small fruit brings you enormously (zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, phosphorus, manganese). In terms of daily nutritional intake, 100 grams of avocado bring you:

  • 6 % of vitamin A
  • 5 % of vitamin B1
  • 15 % of vitamin B2
  • 15 % of vitamin B3
  • 8 % of vitamin B5
  • 15 % of vitamin B6
  • 5 % of vitamin B8
  • 18 % of vitamin B9
  • 15 % of  vitamin C
  • 15 % of vitamin E