You Have Been Thawing Meat The Wrong Way And It Could Harm Your Health

Chance are high that you've been compromising your health thawing your food the wrong way. There is a way to defrost it without compromising your health.


Discover the easiest and most effective way to thaw your food without harming your health.

How to Freeze Meat

There are basic rules of thawing food.

  • Some foods do not freeze, you will find the list here.
  • Hot food should be allowed to cool before freezing.
  • If they are not hot, they should be frozen quickly.
  • To avoid bad odors and the proliferation of bacteria, it is necessary to use a bag or a freezer.
  • NEVER refreeze food that has been defrosted. This can cause severe food poisoning.
  • A frozen food does not last forever. The process slows down the deterioration of food, it does not eliminate it.

The Best Thawing Method

To keep the nutritional values and flavor of  food, the thawing should be done gradually and should not be done in contact with free air.
Pulling out the meat the day before to defrost it in the refrigerator can work, but requires a lot of time in front of you. As for the microwave, it is not recommended for health. According to some experts, this device is even dangerous for health.

The best defrosting technique is the cold water basin. Leave the food packaged and dip it completely in cold water. Change the water every 30 minutes to keep it cold. Your food will thaw evenly without bacteria.

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