7 Brilliant Tips to Clean The Bathroom

Nobody likes to wash the bathroom, yet everyone has to do it. At least if you wish to keep a nice and clean home. Get rid of this odious task by using these essential tips to keep the most important room of the house feeling, looking and smelling fresh. Not only will it be well done, but you will also be done in minutes. Discover these life-changing tips for a sparkling clean bathroom.


Your in-laws are on their way and you are dreading the moment that your husband’s mother is going to excuse herself to use the bathroom? No matter how much to try to prepare the house for their visit, she always finds something to criticize? Well, not this time. With these quick and easy cleaning tips, it won’t even take you all day to make your washroom even shinier than hers.

And since the bathroom needs to be cleaned on a regular basis whether you like it or not, we will find yourself going back to these life-changing hacks for a sparkling clean bathroom, especially if you dread this odious task. How needs to spend money on hiring a cleaning lady when you can get it done in minutes by using your brain and minimum effort. You are welcome.

7. Cleaning a Mirror

The bathroom mirror becomes covered with dust, makeup and toothpaste, to the point of no longer seeing you face? Spraying cleaning products or water on paper towels tends to leave a lined and spotted glow. Try this technique instead.

  1. Infuse 3 bags of black tea
  2. Pour the tea into a spray bottle and use it to clean your mirror.
  3. Instead of a paper towel, try the newspaper to get less scratches.

6. Clean The Soap Residue in The Shower

Mix half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of dish soap. This will remove dirt and make your shower or bath tub shine.

5. Get Rid of Water Stains With a Lemon

By rubbing a lemon directly on your faucets and the metal parts of your bathroom, all the water stains will disappear. For places that are hard to reach, put lemon juice on a toothbrush.

If you do not like lemon’s smell, you can put vinegar on a cloth and roll your faucets.

4. Clean Your Toothbrush Holder

If your toothbrush holder is clogged, there is a easy way to clean it. Just throw it in the dishwasher and let the technology do the job for you..

3. Clean the Toilet

Your toilet’s best friend –> white vinegar.

This cleaning solution kills germs, bacteria, mold and makes your throne shine.

  1. Pour the vinegar into the top of your toilet
  2. Give it time to act while spraying vinegar around the seat and clean.
  3. Soak vinegar on a paper towel.
  4. Place everything underneath the toilet and leave for a few minutes.
  5. Remove the toilet paper, clean under the rim with a cleaning toothbrush, then rinse for a thorough cleaning.

2. Clean your Toilet’s Brush

To avoid odors and accumulation of germs, pour a little all purpose cleaner at the bottom of the pot for a constant and pleasant smell.

1. Clean the Dryer

How to easily clean the inside of the dryer?

  1. Take the roll of paper towel;
  2. Make an opening with a chisel.
  3. Slide the roller over your sweeper hose.
  4. Flatten the tip so that it can go into more restricted spaces.
  5. Vacuum all the mousses that were left.

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