10 Simple Storage Tricks

Flat surfaces get cluttered. Dust gets on piles of shoes stores in your closet. Coats are hanging everywhere. Pocket change is stored on the counter. Clean dishes are piled in the cupboards. A home can become cluttered and messy in no time. But, simple organizing tips can make a really, really big improvement on the state of a home. So when it comes a time to organize the house, look at the things surrounding you, you will be amazed at the possibilities of storage available to you!


There are tricks to simplify your life when it comes to storage in your house that we do not know, but that are so simple. Here are 10 tips that will surely help you organize your house.

1. Clothing

Here’s the best way to store your clothes. Make sure you have an easy access and you do not need to go all out to find what you want.


Add simple labels on your hangers to identify them quickly and avoid tearing your closet apart.


With a small ladder that you hang from the ceiling, you can dry your clothes without cluttering up your small space.

2. Box Storing your Curling Irons, Straighteners

Screw or glue a magazine box inside the cabinet.

Storage in Your Cabinet

The tension rods are perfect for retaining cutting boards and cooktops in the cabinet.

Storing Your Favorite Bracelet

Simple beer bottles can be used to gather all your bracelets in one place without damaging them.

3. Make Up

It is much easier to find your makeup when it is tidy organize in front of our eyes than when it is stacked in a small bag. By sticking magnetic pads under your products, you can glue them on a board.

Magnetic Bars

A magnetic tape stuck to the wall will allow you to storage all your knives nearby instead of letting them dragging on the counter dangerously.

Bed Linen in Pillow Cases

To simplify storage, put the sheets well folded in their respective pillow cases.


Add tag to identify all your cables hanging out behind your TV. Use small paper clips to hold your various cables.

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