10 Hair Removal Tips and Tricks That All Girls Should Know

It's up to you when it comes to hair removal. If you decide to get rid of it, you should know there is more than these two options: shaving and waxing.


Each girl can choose to do what she wants with her hair. Do not touch it if you feel at ease so, get rid of it if you are not, it’s up to you to decide. If you decide to get rid of your hair, you only have a few options and the two most popular are shaving and waxing.

Hair removal is great because it leaves you softer and gets rid of more hair. The only disadvantage of waxing? It hurts, especially if you go south of the border. So here are some tips that will help relieve the pain.

10. Attend a Yoga Class Before Waxing The Bikini Area

If you want to go with the total hair removal, it is advisable to be very flexible. Do a yoga class before a Brazilian, because you will just be more flexible. The more flexible you are, the easier it will be for your beautician to do his or her job. The faster the process, the less you will suffer for a long time!

9. Let the Wax Get Cooler Before Starting Process

When you talk about pubic areas, a slightly cooler wax is always better. What looks hot on your hand is burning for this area. People apply it while it is too hot and this can actually damage your skin. Proceed with caution.

8. Take an Analgesia 30 Minutes Prior Wazxing

Whatever over-the-counter analgesia you usually take, you can take about 30 minutes before you get the epilation to help minimize the pain.

7. Use an Exfoliating Scrub on The Areas You Are Going to Tweeze

The exfoliator first will rid the layer of dead skin that will trap the hair, then it will allow them to come to the surface so that they can be properly pulled from the root during the first test.

6. Make Sure Your Hair Are Long Enough for Waxing

Hair that is shorter than a quarter inch is too short to be pulled from the root. And longer than that? You will just shoot the hair without removing it from the source, which means a major pain. If your beautician does not mention the possibility of cutting your hair before you tweeze them, do not be afraid to ask.

5. Ask Your Beautician a Cold Compress if Your Skin Is Sensitive

If this is your first time or you usually have sensitive skin, ask your beautician for a cold compress. It may just be cold water just after waxing or, if you’re in a more upscale salon, there may be a soothing rose water tonic available too.

4. Once You Choose Waxing, You Must Stop Shaving

Shaving the hair makes the growth denser. Once you have opted for hair removal, you have to stick to it. When your hair begins to come back, they will not grow as roughly, which means that waxing will be much less painful.


3. Have Realistic Expectations of The Products You Buy From the Drug Store

You probably will not get a perfect leg or a Brazilian hair removal unless you go into a living room. However, home strips for the face can be perfect for small areas like the lip and chin. Heat the strips with a hair dryer to get the ideal temperature.

2. Avoid Topical Treatment With Perfume or Alcohol for at Least 24 Hours After Waxing

Scented products contain alcohol that can dry and irritate your skin and even peel it.

1. Never Do Waxing Before or During Menstruation

You are super sensitive about five days before the end of your period. Avoid hair removal at this time, if possible. After your period, you will be well. In fact, a woman’s tolerance to pain is greater about three to four days after the end of her menstrual period.

Source: iDiva