Who Could Guess How Many Things You Can Do With Aluminum Foil!

Aluminum foil can be very harmful to your health if you use it for cooking. Here are other ways to use it that can help you save time.


Everyone has a roll of aluminum foil at home. Whether you use it for cooking or to cover a dish, but few people think of using it other than in the kitchen. Be aware, however, that your roll of aluminum can be used for many other things, especially for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

Indispensable in cooking, aluminum foil is something you always keep in your kitchen. Although very practical, however, this is not very healthy since aluminum can be toxic. When heated, some aluminum particles can come into contact with and penetrate your food. In small doses, it is not harmful to your health, but in too much it can cause serious problems.

If you no longer use it in your kitchen, how do you use your foil?

Help Calm Pain

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Aluminum foil is harmful to your health only if it comes into contact with food. It is even an excellent anti-inflammatory and can be very effective in alleviating pain. Traditional Russian and Chinese medicine has long been used to treat arthritis and rheumatoid pain.

Its effectiveness would be justified by this trick referring to bioenergy, as well as traditional Chinese medicine. Roughly speaking, aluminum foil would be used to store the energy that flows properly through the meridians, which is used to transmit energy to the whole body to preserve its balance, which prevents pain and calms it.

How to do?

Wrap the painful area with foil, about 5 to 7 layers. Be sure to place a cotton between each layer. Leave the paper in place for one hour and then remove it. Repeat the operation 2 more times, 2 hours apart, for 10 days.

Be aware that the same type of application on the feet, can help relieve the common cold.

Refreshing Your Face in the Morning

For a variety of reasons, you may have had a bad night or it may simply have been too short. In such cases, you probably have a hard time trying to wake you up in the morning.

To help refresh your complexion and deflate your eyes, use foil! Simply place pieces of aluminum foil in the freezer and let it cool for one or two hours. Then place them on your cheeks and eyelids and leave them a few minutes. The cold will wake you instantly and it will improve your blood circulation at the face, which will give you a refreshing look.

Curling Your Hair

If you have straight hair, it can be very difficult to get beautiful curls well defined, unless you use a ton of specific products and techniques! But to succeed without using a never ending list of products, think about using aluminum foil!

How to Do?

Take a piece of aluminum foil as you cut the length of your hair. Wrap the piece of paper on itself to make it harder, then bend a tip to form a kind of hook. Attach this end to the root of a lock of hair, then wrap it around your paper. Next, attach your wick with a hook that you will form at the other end of your strip of aluminum foil. The size of your locks will vary depending on the type of loop you want to have.

When you have finished wrapping your strands, spray some water on your hair and leave it overnight. The next morning, you just have to remove the pieces of aluminum foil and you will have beautiful curly hair!


Source: Santé+ Magazine