This Is Why You Wake Up At The Same Time Everynight.

Sleep disorders are definitely signs from your body. Have you noticed waking up every night at the same hour? This is what your body is telling you.


Vous êtes de ceux qui se réveillent pendant la nuit? La médecine traditionnelle chinoise aurait une bonne raison pour expliquer ce problème. Selon elle, le corps humain comprend une espèce d’horloge biologique interne qui gère les fonctions de chaque organe et facilite l’interprétation de la circulation de l’énergie vitale.

Une méthode ancestrale

Cette horloge biologique gouverne vos fonctions corporelles et influence votre bien-être spirituel, ainsi que votre santé physique. Elle est liée à la circulation de l’énergie au niveau des méridiens, qui sont eux-mêmes en lien avec vos organes.


The energy of your body creates from organ to organ according to a 24-hour clock system, divided into 12 2-hour intervals. When you sleep, this vital force acts to restore the inside of your body. The first interval begins at 11 pm and aims to purify your liver with blood. This sentence lasts between 1 and 3 hours and allows to prepare the energy to circulate in your organism.

When your liver is well restored, the next 12 hours will look at all the organs of your body, mostly those related to digestion and impurity removal, so the spleen, stomach, pancreas, heart, Lungs, large intestine and small intestine.

When these twelve hours of restoration are complete, the energy moves to go to your internal organs, those related to the repair of the system. This is intended to ensure the circulation of heat in order to filter and purify the pericardium, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder.

Cycle’s Interpretation

The pace of life of human beings evolves and your body is not necessarily made to face it, which is why cycles influence your daily life. For example, a hearty meal in the evening is never a good idea, since at this time your small intestine is already at rest. This results in the food being poorly digested and the liver cannot intervene to actually be a waste.

The internal clock allows us to put forward the least conflict and dysfunction related to your system, since all your organs are independent. If you wake up every night at the same time, there is something specific that does not work appropriately in your body.

However, even if an organ is involved, that does not mean that you necessarily suffer from physical harm. It is possible that this is also a sign that you feel one or more emotions, but that you have difficulty to exteriorize them.

From 11 PM to 1 AM: The Gall Bladder

During this phase, your gallbladder is the focal point. It stores energy and acts as a reservoir that fills and empties. Its dysfunction causes the storage of bad fats and causes fatigue.

From 1 to 3 AM: The Liver

At this point, it is the liver that works to neutralize the waste from the day before and purify your body. If you have eaten a rich and hearty meal in the evening, chances are you will wake up at this time.

From 3h to 5 AM: The Lungs

Between 3am and 5am, it’s time for your lungs to start their process, so if you wake up between those hours, you may have a breathing disorder or a psychological disorder. This can be explained by the fact that an unresolved problem incites to cogitation and, in the long term, it can become pressing and it may wake you up.

From 5 AM to 7 AM: The Large Intestine

If you wake up during between, it is your digestive system that is involved. At this point, digestive disorders can occur and releasing toxins becomes more difficult, resulting in constipation. This can be caused by a poor diet, too rich or too poor, or a lazy transit. Chinese medicine says it can also be caused by a certain guilt you would feel for a specific reason.

If you want to avoid sleep disturbances, never neglect the time slot between 9pm and 11pm. This should serve for calm before falling asleep. For a good night’s sleep, it is essential to prepare well and to sleep at the same time regularly.

Source: Santé+ Magazine